Sunday, 28 August 2016

TWILIGHT (film) passed as enchanting and exciting, but its leads hardly deliver where acting's concerned

Cast: Kristen Stewart; Robert Pattinson; Billy Burke. 
Content Rating: PG 13 for some violence and a scene of sensuality. 
Director: Catherine Hardwicke. 
Year: 2008. 
Source: Bought.

A teenage girl risks everything when she falls in love with a vampire.

I've watched this about three times now, hehe ;)  
Overall, I think Catherine Hardwicke delivered a solid, enchanting romance even though she did leave out parts of the book I think would have been better left in.  

Kristen Stewart is a bit too wooden, but otherwise she pulls off Bella Swan's character quite well; not to mention she and Rob have great chemistry. 
Robert Pattinson acts very well, and the supporting cast also give solid performances. 
There are stilted, awkward moments at times, but mostly it's exciting, griping, and thrilling. Any of the faults I found (Bella's unconditional love for Edward when she hardly knows him; etc) were faults of the book, not the movie. Obviously the movie can't change the fundamentals (mistakes set up by the book) so I won't blame the movie for that. 
I really enjoyed it :)

I give it: 3 and a half flowers! 

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