Tuesday, 2 August 2016

BATMAN VS SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE (film) hugely disappoints on almost all levels

Cast: Henry Cavill; Ben Affleck; Diane Lane; Amy Adams; Jesse Eisenberg.
Content Rating: PG 13 for intense sequences of action and violence throughout, and some sensuality. 
Director: Zack Synder.
Year: 2016. 
Source: Rented.  

Fearing that the actions of Superman are left unchecked, Batman takes on the Man of Steel, while the world wrestles with what kind of a hero it really needs.  

Overall: The script was disastrous, the action scenes stilted, the cast decent, and the film a complete disappointment. Given DC's recent flops - Suicide Squad just recently making the list – I'd recommend sticking to Marvel's films if you want superhero stuff. Put mildly, the trailer was better than the film.

Cons: - The script was awful; with predictable dialogue that was always a let-down whenever I was expecting some profound lines to come out of someone's mouth. The pacing was choppy and an absolute drag. The scenes were terribly episodic and lacked clear cause-and-effect. That said, it was a tiresome build-up that led to nothing amazing or consequential.
- Strong moral questions were raised (eg: Superman's whole personal dilemma; his place on this earth) but ultimately the finale shied away from the answers and never dove deeper.
 - The plot was left vague and random. The few physical fights were, most of the time, stilted and bland. Not to mention Bruce and Clark's conflict which basically consisted of misunderstood, impersonal spats that could've been solved if only they'd both put their egos and family history aside. The big climatic battle also fell short. The end fight between Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman vs. Doomsday was totally impersonal. While Doomie's creation/existence was hinted at enough throughout the movie to not really seem too random, he was, essentially, a blob who liked bashing and smashing. If the three mains had battled Lex himself – which could have been over very quickly, I admit – it would have at least been personal and had a point closer to home. And there would definitely be an opportunity for cinematic entertainment in such a fight, as well. As it was, Lex wasn't even present during the final battle, and the whole personal connection suffered because of it. I can honestly say that my heart wasn't with Superman when he died, and when the three mains faced Doomie, it was just another "awesome good guys vs. big bad blob/monster thing".
- Henry Cavill was there for his good looks and his buff body, but he's clearly not on the same level as Ben Affleck or Amy Adams. He does, admittedly, fit Superman's looks very well, and gives the right amount/overdose? of tortured brooding and smouldering (although NEVER as good as Affleck's); but that is what is expected of him, unfortunately, and he manages to get away with it because he's pretty. His best scenes are with Amy Adams, with whom he has great chemistry. Unfortunately Adams herself portrays a character who's not worthy of Adams' own talent; Lois Lane is simply reduced to a damsel-in- distress. 

The pros:

- Ben Affleck, I think, is a much better Batman than Christian Bale. He's definitely darker, and gives a more dangerous edge to the deliciously smouldering millionaire. His performance can be summarised in one word: "brood".
 - The special effects were incredible; "dat end battle tho" ;) It was certainly very visually impressive.
- Jesse Eisenberg was brilliant. His lines were delivered incredibly on point, and his performance was by far one of the best in the movie. Whenever his psychotic character was present on screen, it was simply pure delight to watch Eisenberg unfold delicious skill and entertainment. The character was a horrible guy, admittedly, but Eisenberg was perfect.
- Then there was Gal Gabot, who, despite my initial scepticism at pulling off what will become a very major role, was one of the best things about this film. She was seriously a breath of fresh air in this top-heavy flop, but it was SO unfortunate that she didn't get more screen time. She was a strong woman who showed the boys up more than once. She was delight to watch, and I look forward to seeing the Wonder Woman movie next year :)
- The cinematography was brilliant, and visually most of the scenes were gorgeous. The atmosphere of Wayne Manor was also deliciously creepy and Gothic; also, the scenes in the crumbling building where Bruce and Clark were fighting and Adams was, most of the time, being a damsel and drowning, were equally atmospheric. I also liked how the film had a darker edge to it.
- Diane Lane was wonderful. She gave a superior performance compared to the others in the movie, and gave the film its rare heart- wrenching, emotional moments.

I give it: 2 flowers! 

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