Thursday, 11 August 2016

BREAKING DAWN PART 1 (film) was essentially a tragic and beautiful romance

Cast: Robert Patinson; Kristen Stewart; Taylor Lautner; Billy Burke; Nikki Reed; Jackson Rathbone; Ashley Green; Kellan Lutz; Elizabeth Reaser; Peter Facinelli. 
Content Rating: PG 13 for some violence, sexuality, and partial nudity. 
Director: Bill Condon. 
Year: 2011. 
Source: Bought.

The Quileutes close in on expecting parents Edward and Bella, whose unborn child poses a threat to the Wolf Pack and the towns people of Forks.

I was very impressed with its film.
If you watch it without reading the book, then it will probably seem confusing and weird, but if you know all the vampire-werewolf history, etc, then you have a much higher chance at enjoying it :)   

Overall, it was utterly romantic and emotionally heart-wrenching. It captured Edward and Bella’s love in an enchanting fairytale way and delivered just the right amount of horror and pain at the unforgettable climax. 
Above all, it gave us gorgeous romance and raised the emotional stakes while delivering all the feels.
I loved it.  

Obviously, it had both pros and cons, but here’s a rundown of what I thought:
-  It was visually lovely, and the cinematography and soundtrack were both great. 
-  Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart seriously topped their games. Their chemistry was brilliantly on point, their acting held up a lot better than their efforts in the previous films, and despite the fact that they have always had solid chemistry, their connection in this film was hugely deepened and incredibly emotional; as well as beautifully romantic.
I was literally swaying as I watched the honeymoon scenes; their interactions were beautiful, and their chemistry was simply enchanting.
-  Not surprisingly, Billy Burke and Anna Kendrick were as brilliant and comically refreshing as ever. They only got a few minutes of screen time each, but once again, they proved to me that they are two of the best things about this franchise. They delivered some of the best lines with delightful and refreshing charisma. 
-  In contrast, the whole Cullen family got a nice load of screen time and lines in Breaking Dawn. Admittedly, Elizabeth Reaser and Nikki Reed – who portray Esme and Rosalie respectfully – were above the others in acting ability, but all the same I love the Cullens and it was nice to see all of them so much more. 

-  After three Twilight films, I think we’ve established that Bella is a weak damsel instead of a role-model-worthy heroine. She was still an idiot in Breaking Dawn; emphasis on the fact that she WANTS TO BIRTH A VAMPIRIC MONSTER.  
-  Taylor Lautner was awful. Just terrible and completely fake. He gets worse with every film, and either he’s overacting with too much ego or ripping his shirt off to please the female audience (which he did do in the first few minutes of this film, by the way).  He acted with the ego piled on doubly thick and was just plain pathetic. 
-  The action scenes were vague, muddy and very badly choreographed. The werewolf-vs.-vampire fight scene at the end was a perfect example of that.  Unlike Eclipse’s fantastic climactic fight, the action scenes in Breaking Dawn were totally devoid of real excitement and entertainment.  
-  The whole film was a lot slower than the others. It lacked real tension and had the tendency to drag.

While Edward and Bella’s scenes gave Breaking Dawn the emotional throb it needed and were additionally and gorgeously romantic, any other scenes lacked that connection and fell short.

I give it: 3 and a half flowers!

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