Book Vs. Movie #1 - The Devil Wears Prada - by Lauren Weisberger

Well, let me tell you, there's a clear winner when it comes to deciding between the book and movie.....

Here's my Goodreads review of the book: 
The book was good. It wasn't deep, clever, or very well written, but it was fun. Just simply enjoyable and relaxing. And all the talk about the clothes and coffee and food just made my mouth water and filled me with longing!!

But yes, i think the movie was MUCH better than the book. The book didn't end satisfyingly, and I just thought Andy's relationships didn't have closure. 
And I also found the book really boring until about halfway.

Yes, the book was boring. I'd already watched the movie when I came to it, and was expecting the book to be almost every bit as light-fun, and entertaining as the movie has been. It wasn't. 

Oh my gosh was it boring. It was heavy, slow-moving, and hardly an enjoyable novel at all. Andy's narration was awful as well.

The movie was colourful, thoroughly entertaining, and deliciously enchanting.  The story was never boring. It was entertaining, witty, and fast-paced. 

It was a solid "chick-flick" that not only launched the career of Emily Blunt (who, by the way, is one of my all-time favourite actresses; she's just amazing)  and gave Meryl Streep her now classic "evil sophisticated lady" role, but it was also a very, very good movie. 

The acting was brilliant - Blunt, Streep, and Stanley Tucci were all amazing and vibrant - but since I've never been a fan of Anne Hathaway, I didn't enjoy her performance. But that's just me ;) 

AND the FASHION!! Oh my hat! I wanted everything those girls were wearing, it was all SO gorgeous! *sigh*   

The movie was awesome. Blunt was gorgeous, poised, and  and just perfect. Streep was an excellently cold and sophisticated queen of fashion. Tucci was entertaining and lovable. Hathaway was in a cliched role, but she gave her character what was expected of her. (Sorry, it's hard for me to be unbiased!  Any other non-Hathaway fans out there?!) .       

The winner is.......the movie. By a long shot.  

Anyone watched the movie? Anyone read the book? What did you think? 
Let's discuss!! 


  1. Hahhaa !! I am actually a Hathaway fan. Not a die-hard one but I do like her acting :)And LOVED the movie! The clothes, the places, the actors! Sad to hear the book wasn't awesome..This is one of those cases where the movie wins I guess! Not complaining though considering I haven't read the book :)

    1. Oh no sorry! Lol ;) Well, we do agree on the movie, so that's a plus!
      But yeah, the book was so disappointing, wouldn't recommend it :(

      AHHH, the movie was amazing <3