Life Update & What I've Been Reading

So, I did a drama show on Sunday and it went so well; despite stressing hectically beforehand as I always do. It was about Charlie Chaplin, and  after I got home, I actually watched some of his actual performances on YouTube; just for the fun of it. (Though a bit late for my show, hehe). 

I actually really liked it (and surprised myself there...)! It's delightfully dated and so sweet. 
Anyone else seen some of Chaplin's old movies? What did you think?! 

School has kept me so busy recently, thanks to a research project I've only just finished today. 
But although it's kept me very busy, I have really loved researching and learning about Jacqueline Kennedy. What an amazing ( and rather infamous...) woman! I have LOVED reading about her and her life and her courage and determination during hard times like JFK's assassination, etc. 
I read the book by Christopher Andersen called Jackie After Jack and I HIGHLY recommend it. It was so engrossing and captivating and entertaining and FULL of rich details from Jackie's incredible life.  

What Have I Been Reading? 

The tragedy of it is................ONLY. ONE BOOK. 
I am only reading ONE book at the moment. ONE BOOK!! Only one!And that is so unusual for me (me, who gets about a hundred books out from the library and then rushes through them before they're due back... *winks*) 
What ill fate has befallen me, you ask? Well, actually school and writing have befallen me, so I won't blame the library or the nearby bookshops :(  

But seriously, I am only reading one book and it feels so strange cos usually I'm reading like five at once or something; lol ;) But I am, and it's Anna Karenina, which I borrowed from a friend. And I'm actually really liking it! The movie sucked - REALLY sucked - (though the costumes were gorgeous) and so I'm happy to say that the book is much better. I love classics in general, and I'm so glad I finally got hold of Anna :)    

What have you all been reading? Anything good?! How's your life at the moment?     

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