My Movie Arrivals & What I've Been Watching

I got a beautiful new movie, Safe Haven, and I'm so excited to watch it! I read the book and LOVED it, and was kinda surprised I did cos I'm not usually a fan of Nicholas Sparks (with the exception of The Notebook, obviously.....)  

I LOVED the book of Safe Haven, and I'm sure the movie will also be brilliant. It's a tragic but very hopeful story with a beautiful and satisfying ending, and I also love these two actors :) 

What have I Been Watching? 

And as for these darlings......well, I hope to watch them very soon. I'm dying to see them obviously, but 
I actually did manage to watch Nights in Rodante last night; which meant that's one down, hehe ;)  

Water for Elephants I'll hopefully watch sometime this coming week. That film is the one I'm most looking forward to. It looks GORGEOUS!! <3 <3 

What about you all? Seen any good movies recently?

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