Sunday, 11 September 2016

NIGHTS IN RODANTE (film) was hardly worth spending a night with

Cast: Richard Gere; Diane Lane; Scott Glenn.  
Year: 2008.
Director: George C. Wolfe. 
Source: Bought. 
Content Rating: PG 13 for some sensuality. 

A doctor who is traveling to see his estranged son sparks with an unhappily married woman at a North Carolina inn.

Overall, it was a decent movie, better than the book, and I suppose it was one of the better Nicholas Sparks' films.  

It was a decent movie, but not brilliant. 


- It was rushed. Considering that the story actually needed quite a lot of time to make the romance realistic, timing was essential; and they didn't quite get it right.  

- It was admittedly predictable and cheesy; with a few silly/unbelievable moments. This is Nicholas Sparks, however, and you're gonna get cliches, stereotypes, and cheese, although none pull it off so well as The Notebook; which brings me to suggesting you watch that if you want a truly beautiful, romantic film.

- The dialogue was bad. Nothing was profound, and nothing was incredibly heart-wrenching.

- Adrienne's daughter was terribly cast. Also missing was the strong mother-daughter connection that was so present in the book. In this film they lost that; making Amanda into some lame attempt at a Goth and giving her unoriginal teenage "attitude"/rebelling that was unnecessary, annoying, and emotionally bland.  


- Having actors like Lane and Gere in the lead roles immediately raises the quality of the film. And they both shone, with good but not amazing chemistry, and solid acting. Not everyone is Ryan and Rachel with freakin' hot chemistry that burns even in the rain, but Gere and Lane are decent and experienced actors who delivered a touching love story for adults; however unrealistic some parts of the story might be.  
They were definitely well-matched, and, as a personal side comment, they've both aged very well. 

- The secondary actors were very good. Scott Glenn was brilliant, and Viola Davis as delightful and vibrant as ever.  

I give it: 2 and a half flowers! 

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