Oh, to wish upon a book.......or four - HEAR ME WHEN I BEG ;)

Oh, books. There are some that I am just dying to read but haven't been able to, either because they're so freakin' expensive or our library doesn't have them. 
So in the meantime I just wish for them and fangirl over their beauuuutiful covers, etc, etc, and here are four of my "wishlist" books :) <3   

Cinder is the first book in The Lunar Chronicles, by Marissa Meyer. 
First of all, it's a fairy tale retelling; of Cinderella. Fairy tale retellings are probably my absolute favourite kind of book and I and DYING to start this series!!! 
To be honest, the second and third books in the series, Scarlet and Cress, hold more appeal for me than Cinder (I've never been a big Cinderella fan...) but since it's logical to start with the first book, I better wish for this one first, right?!   

Anyway, it looks so exciting and original :) I hope to read it sometime in the near future *begs* 

Do I really need to explain my reasons for wanting to read this book? Do I
A Court of Thorns and Roses just looks so lethal and exhilarating and absolutely fantastic. Keeping with the fairy tale theme in this post, it also happens to be lightly based on Beauty and the Beast, which is clearly awesome. The cover is so sharp and bright and bold and I'm already half in love with it, it's just so AHHHH... 
I can't. 
I need this book. 
Now, please.  Pretty please?!  

Now. Hold me while I scream for this book. 
Literally, my heart is going wild here. 
Splintered is another fairy tale retelling (yeah, I know...coincidence much?) and apart from the cover being ABSOLUTELY deliciously enticing, this book just sounds so amazing and appealing and exactly something I would love.  It sounds so creepy and fantastic and Gothic and mad and HECK I'M GOING MAD HERE because this book just looks so clearly incredible!!  

Ooooooh this looks so enchanting. I love Hocking's writing, it's so addictive and fun, and Frostfire just looks brilliant.  The cover is SO beautiful.....I LOVE snowy scenes and all things icy, and it literally gives me shivers. 
Actually, this might be coming into my possession soon. A bookshop nearby is selling it really cheap, so I'll hopefully be able to get it soon :) Yay!! 

What about you? Have you read any of these books? Which was your favourite?! 


  1. Aww Amy - if I was in SA I would've loaned you both Splintered and ACOTAR! I hope you get them soon! <3