What I've Been Reading & Watching - Binge TV and pretty books ;)

So I've kinda been binging on TV shows this week.....well, on Arrow, actually. I bought series 2 and having otherwise seen only snippets of the rest of it on YouTube, this was really exciting for me. I'm not one of those people who like downloading the episodes online, etc; I love having the actual cover and holding the pretty disc <3 And same goes for books; they have to be physical for them to claim my heart.

Anyway, I haven't actually been reading a whole lot this week. I've had lots of school to deal with (grrrr......) and like I said, I kinda just indulged in Arrow, too ;)

But I have been reading a little bit all the same. I'm slogging through Anna Karenina.....no, I lie, not slogging. It takes while for me to really get reading, but when I've read a chapter or two in the same stretch it gets easier and I enjoy it more, :)

I've almost finished Throne of Glass. Almost. To be honest, I just have't been the mood to read epic fantasy so I've been putting it off. But I'll probably finish it later this week.

I started Torn this week; I'm actually re-reading it. But unfortunately the more I read of this series the more I'm finding faults with it :( The premise is good but the writing is seriously lacking. 

So basically I watched Arrow for most of the weekend. It's so exciting and addictive and I just love Roy & Thea <3 I'm thinking Rea for their ship name, what'd u think?! 

I also love Felicity; she's so cute and nerdy and weird. But I can see the signs of her "downfall" starting to come up; I hate how Olicity was forced on us; at the expense of Felicity's brains and endearing traits. 
Oh well. I'm just trying to enjoy her lovable-ness before she loses it :( 

What about you? Did your week get off to a good start?  
Reading anything good at the moment? Any other Arrow fans out there? 

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