Creepy Book Characters (some not so creepy) to read about this Halloween

They're weird, creepy, violent, and perhaps a little (and sometimes more than a little) psychotic. 
I, for one, am thankful they stay in their books ;) 
And yet, that doesn't stop them from freaking me out. Or from coming to vivid and intense life. 

Amy Dunne and I have the same name! So cool! Except, well, it isn't really because the similarities stop Right. There.
Amy is the female protagonist of Gillian Flynn's thriller novel, Gone Girl (in 2014 it was also turned into a film).

And gosh, what a book it was. SO SO disturbing and so horrifying. Amy was an incredibly psychotic, twisted, dark and volatile character. The lengths she went to to make her husband's life a living hell were just WOW SO INSANE. She brought a whole new meaning to the phrase "marriage can be hell". And she certainly redefined what I thought 'twisted' meant, as well......  ;)
Severus Snape (do I really need to say what book series he's from?) also has the sympathy factor; as well as being creepy. He isn't really sympathetic ( to put it mildly) but I, for one, couldn't help but feel sorry for him when his backstory was further revealed and his tragic love, etc, etc, came to light.  Still, (thank you J. K Rowling and Alan Rickman) Snape is a deliciously dark and creepy character :)   

Erik, aka The Phantom, is the disfigured, tragic star of Gaston Leroux's classic novel, The Phantom of the Opera. 

Well let's just say, I ADORE ADORE the novel. It's so Gothic and tragic and gorgeous and, even though I do ship Christine and Raoul, I still feel sorry for Erik. 

Like Snape, he's a character you can't help but feel sorry for; mocked and hurt by society, he lived in the catacombs of the Paris Opera House and fell in love with the innocent prima donna, Christine, who, as tragedy would have it, was in love with someone else.

Poor passionate, violent, broken Erik. And if the book doesn't grab you, try watching the 2004 film or the 25th anniversary at the Royal Albert Hall (also on dvd). I HIGHLY recommend the 25th :) <3

Oh, Heathcliff; both the hero and the villain of Emily Bronte's classic Wuthering Heights.........

I LOVED this book. And Heathcliff was, along with his Cathy, a passionate, volatile, dark, gorgeously flawed, and frightening character. Reading the book, I was swept into his and Cathy's overwhelming romance that was so pull of passion, of intensity and and obsession, that it overcame me.

It was brilliant. And Heathcliff, the poor orphan whose Cathy married another, is certainly up there with those dark, twisted, Gothic anti-heroes.

I haven't read this series of books (nor do I want to, I think...) but there's no denying that Stieg Larsson's Lisbeth Salander is one hang of a female psycho. First published in 2005, the book (and the ones that followed afterwards to continue the series) also became a popular film. In fact, there have been two film versions, BUT enough with that. 

Lisbeth is smart (really smart) and she fights for what she wants. Plus she's also creepy and strange and a little scary, too. 

What are your thoughts on these characters? Are there any other creepy characters you can think of?