Monthly Wrap-Up - Welcoming October and wrapping up September...

Monthly Wrap-Up & looking ahead: What I read, what I watched, what I will read and watch...

I literally cannot believe we've finished September and are heading towards the Christmas season. Well, come on, October's close enough to count for the Christmas season, right? 

It just seems to have gone so fast, and I know that's cliched, but it's true. Whew.  
It's getting closer towards summer and I'm dreading the heat. For some reason watching movies and reading books don't seem so enjoyable in hot weather :( And goodbye to hot drinks (coffee, hot chocolate, cocoa, *sobs*). Although seriously, I think I'll still drink coffee no matter what the weather's like ;) 
Anyhow. September was a good month for me: I read more great books, watched some great movies, struggled through school but that never changes, and I started planning my NaNoWrimo novel for November. Eeek!!  From the start of October, I'll be practice-writing every day to improve my writing, and then in November I'll start the novel I've been planning.  I am SO nervous.....50K is a hard goal ;) (Well, for me it is).
Anyone else prepping for NaNoWrimo? 

October looks like it'll also be a good month for me. My Uncle's getting married (what am I going to wear?!! The struggle is real, people),  I'll be prepping for NaNoWrimo every day, and I'm on holiday for the first week! (As I write this, the first week of my two-week holiday is finished). Holidays are great, but I always seem to get to bed at like 12 at night. I'll either be reading, writing, or just thinking/dreaming. And now I'm SO tired....
Which brings me to now. As I write this, I am exhausted. Staying up past midnight last night to watch The Huntsman: Winter's War and drinking two cups of coffee while I watched probably wasn't the best idea......added to the fact I couldn't fall asleep till past two because I was thinking of ice puns for my review....(keeping with the whole winter theme, you know?).  So I'm feeling dumb and tired.   
Wake up, Amy. Welcome October!  

Now for the Monthly Wrap-Up: 

Here's a list of my September Meme Posts: 

      What I Read:    
Not a whole lot, actually. I re-read the first two books of the Trylle Trilogy: Switched and Torn, but I didn't really like them. 
My reviews of:

Then I read Throne of Glass for the first time and I'm SO happy I finally got to read it! I love Maas's writing (oh, the descriptions!), and I'm definitely going to read more of her books in October :) 
I also read Water for Elephants (I found it at the library quite by chance) and I loved it. Now I just need to watch the movie (Robert Pattinson here I come...).

My reviews of:
Water for Elephants
Throne of Glass

What I Watched: 

I watched four movies in September (and I read four books! Haha coincidence much?!). 
 Anyhow, I found Meryl Streep's performance as The Iron Lady absolutely flawless (even though the movie was far from that...), and unfortunately I didn't really enjoy Nights in Rodante either. 

My reviews of:
The Iron Lady
Nights in Rodante

I also watched Emma and 
Jane Got A Gun; both movies I enjoyed much more than the ones I mentioned earlier :) 
 In particular, I found Emma absolutely ravishing. 

My reviews of:
Jane Got A Gun

October Books & Movies:

 I've got a beautiful pile of books and movies I'm hoping to read and watch in October. And I'm SO excited to start! I am SO excited! 

So I found these darlings at the library and I was so shocked because I really didn't expect them to have them! But they did, and so YAY I'm moving on with the Throne of Glass series :) 

I finally found these two, and although I'm really not a fan of Austen's books, I've decided to give Sense and Sensibility a go because I LOVED the movie (the one with Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson...).  And I'm a big fan of Cecelia Ahern, so One Hundred Names should be really good :) 

I'm also hoping to start Splintered this month, which I bought mid September. I'm actually kinda afraid to start it because I've been looking forward to it so much! *fingers crossed* 

And to watch......

I'm hoping to finally get round to seeing these beauties that I bought months ago ;) 

What about you? Tell me how your September's been? What are your plans for October? What are you planning to read or watch? 
Happy October!