Reading Quirks & Preferences: Where do you read, what do you read......let's chat!

I am so glad I finally got round to starting a blog. And here's why: I have met some lovely bookish blogger friends, who I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting and exploring their blogs and learning from them and just talking books and movies! So, as a fun thing, I have three bookish questions I'd be eager to hear your answers to :)  Please comment and tell me what your answers are to the three questions below so I can get to know your bookish self better! (that was totally un-stalkish, right?!)

Where do you read?
Outside? On your bed? I usually sit on my bed or on the floor in my room; on a blanket (don't ask, it's a habit). Where is your "happy place"?

What do you read?

 "Books," as my cheeky brother would say. (Or actually, my Mum would say that too...).
Not funny ;)
What I mean is, what genres? What are your favourite genres? or the ones you tend to read the most of. Contemporary? Fantasy? Personally, I read mostly YA fantasy or contemporary, but my absolutely favourite genre (or rather sub-genre) is FAIRY TALE RETELLING! There is just something magical about a fairy tale retelling, ESPECIALLY if it's set in a contemporary setting. Mmmm........

How do you read?

 "By looking at the pages." HA. HA. Go away, family.

Do you sip tea or coffee or hot chocolate while you read? Do you, like me, sneak your hand into a bag of pretzels every now and then while staring at the pages? Or is it chocolate?! 'Fess up!
I tend to avoid chocolate or chips, simply because there's more chance of those eatables greasing or messing the pages.
As for drink, coffee is definitely my choice. (Although I stupidly make it so freakin' hot that I usually only get around to drinking it when I've finished my bout of reading... darn it).


Here's my little nerdy quirk: (#dontjudge) I always read through the blurb and the acknowledgements and any additional info on the inside of my current read about three times before starting it.
Call it "savouring the moment" ;)

What about you? Have you got any bookish quirks?! What are your answers to the above three questions? Do share!


  1. I read through the blurb and acknowledgement several times too! *high fives*

    1. I generally read in my bed. It's quiet and comfortable and I don't get distracted as easily as compared to reading in the living room where the TV is on and people are talking! If it's warm outside then I'll read outside because SUN. YAY.

    2. I read YA contemporary, sci-fi and fantasy mostly! I also LOVE YA spy books - THEY'RE THE BEST.

    3. When I read I like drinking hot chocolate and eating chocolate OR drinking tea with biscuits! Tis a good life! ;D

    1. That's awesome Kyra :) I actually didn't know all those things about you!
      Bed is definitely the best, and it's so cool you love YA spy books ;) Also, hot chocolate is just clearly divine <3

  2. My favourite place to read is in bed, although I also like to read on the couch with the rest of the family about either watching TV or playing on the floor. It's just nice to feel like I'm still with them even though I'm actually in whatever world the book has taken me to!

    I prefer to read YA Fantasy (any type) and my current favourite author of 2016 is SJ Maas :)

    Since I'm normally reading in bed eating and drinking are out, but if I do have time in the day to read I will sit with a cup of coffee.

    Reading quirks - I love maps at the start of a book and whenever a new place is mentioned I will always go back to check it out to get a better feel for the layout of the world I'm in. :)

    Thanks for the cool discussion post!

    Di @ Book Reviews by Di

    1. That's so cool to know! Thanks, Di :) I never knew those things about you and now I do, and it's awesome! I like how you still read around other people to be with them as well as reading.
      That's so interesting :) And going back to check the maps, etc, is really cool too. I guess I should pay more attention to the maps at the start of books; I rarely look at them ;)
      Thanks for sharing your bookish-ness!