Year Published {This edition}:2006  - by Headline.
Pages: 386.
Genres: Romance/comedy/historical/satire
Author: Jane Austen.
Source: Library. 
Goodreads: Sense and Sensibility

'...the more I know of the world, the more I am convinced that I shall never see a man whom I can really love.' 

Marianne Dashwood is young, flirtatious and ready to meet a knight in shining armour. Her sister, Elinor, is more restrained - she knows that when it comes to romance, slow and steady wins the race. But while both seem to have found what they want, the path to happiness isn't as straightforward as they first thought. True love has a habit of breaking the rules and turning up whenever it's least expected...

Overall, I am SO pleased to announce that Austen has, officially and finally, won me over :)

Oh, I adored this. And yes, my 'tune' has changed dramatically, but I'm SO HAPPY ABOUT IT!  
I've always wanted to like Austen because people always say she's such a good writer and she's such a classic and popular and esteemed, and etc, etc, and I am so glad I can finally add my voice to the praising critics :)   

Sense and Sensibility has always held a special place in my heart, even before I read any of Austen's books. That was thanks to the film starring Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson, which introduced to Austen's stories and completely enchanted me. It was an amazing film (I HIGHLY suggest you watch it, even if you don't Austen's writing; it is a spectacular film with an incredibly stellar cast) and I loved it.

I could go on and on about my experience of Austen and how I never enjoyed her novels; having previously read (and also watched) Pride and Prejudice and Emma, but ENOUGH BACKSTORY, Amy. Time for my thoughts on S & S :)    

What a rich, delightful, witty, profound, and entirely adsorbing novel. It isn't the kind of novel you can skim-read and afford to doze off with; you have to pay attention and concentrate, and when you do, it is SO rewarding. 
It's perfectly paced and meticulously plotted. Everything flows so beautifully and naturally into the next scene or twist, and everything is just so wholesome; so rich.     

Another thing I noticed and LOVED about S & S, and actually I can see it throughout all Austen's books (at least the ones I've read), is the romance. Emphasis is only placed on good looks and charm when it's to show how shallow it is. The girl ends up with the guy who is the best guy for her, and who's the most sensible, kind and goodhearted of the choices. She doesn't end up marrying the most looking dude, or the most charming, but instead Austen lets her grow to see the honour and goodness of the man she wouldn't necessary notice first. 
And I love how much more wholesome such a romance is, and how Austen portrays her love triangles. Comparing Austen's works with the typical YA romances these days, and many other books as well, I can't help wishing that more authors would place less emphasis on chemistry and looks and 'surface attractions' in their relationships, and instead probe deeper into the true goodness of people's characters and let their characters choose true goodness over chemistry or a 'fluttering of the heart'. 
That's just what I think ;) 

I give it: 4 flowers! 

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