Waiting on Wednesday #2: A Study in Scarlet Women - by Sherry Thomas - AND: Rose & Thorn - by Sarah Prineas

Goodreads: A Study in Scarlet Women
Author: Sherry Thomas
Release Date: 18 October 2016.

                                   Goodreads: Rose & Thorn
                                   Author: Sarah Prineas
                                   Release Date: 18 October 2016.

A Study in Scarlet Women - Sherry Thomas:
With her inquisitive mind, Charlotte Holmes has never felt comfortable with the demureness expected of the fairer sex in upper class society.  But even she never thought that she would become a social pariah, an outcast fending for herself on the mean streets of London. 
When the city is struck by a trio of unexpected deaths and suspicion falls on her sister and her father, Charlotte is desperate to find the true culprits and clear the family name. She’ll have help from friends new and old—a kind-hearted widow, a police inspector, and a man who has long loved her. But in the end, it will be up to Charlotte, under the assumed name Sherlock Holmes, to challenge society’s expectations and match wits against an unseen mastermind.

A female Sherlock Holmes?! Yes please! A mystery with a strong, clever heroine at its center?! YES! And the cover is also really awesome ;)

This book looks like so much fun! I hope to read it sometime in the future :)

Rose & Thorn - Sarah Prineas
This beauty isn’t sleeping! Discover the true story of Sleeping Beauty in Sarah Prineas’s bold YA fairy-tale retelling filled with thrilling adventure and romance, perfect for fans of The Lunar Chronicles and The Girl of Fire & Thorns trilogy.

After the spell protecting her is destroyed, Rose seeks safety in the world outside the valley she had called home. She’s been kept hidden all her life to delay the three curses she was born with—curses that will put her into her own fairy tale and a century-long slumber. Accompanied by the handsome and mysterious Watcher, Griff, and his witty and warmhearted partner, Quirk, Rose tries to escape from the ties that bind her to her story. But will the path they take lead them to freedom, or will it bring them straight into the fairy tale they are trying to avoid?

Set in the world of Sarah Prineas’s Ash & Bramble fifty years later, Rose & Thorn is a powerful retelling of the classic Sleeping Beauty tale where the characters fight to find their own Happy Ever After.

OH THAT COVER. Isn't it just grogeous?! It's so perfect and AHHH it's so beauuuutiiiiful <3 <3
And the amazingness doesn't stop there.
It's a freakin' FAIRY TALE RETELLING (my absolute favourite genre) and it's Sleeping Beauty! This is just perfection :)

Anyone else looking forward to A Study in Scarlet Women or Rose & Thorn?! 


  1. I read A Study in Scarlet Women a few weeks ago and it was wonderful! It was such a fun read and now I can't wait for the next one. I hope you love it as well!

    1. I'm so glad you loved it! I hope I do too :)
      Thanks for stopping by!