What I've Been Reading - Oooh! a NEW BOOK and a NEW MOVIE!

I'm reading two beauties at the moment, AND I was naughty and bought one new book and one new movie as well :)

The book was on sale, so I kinda felt I had to ;)

I have no excuse for the movie.

I've had a really good week. I'm getting more organised with blogging, using my diary OCD-like to plan posts and reviews, and I feel 'on top of things'. Whew! And to think I felt so stressed and lost when I first started this baby. 

What I've Been Reading:

Splintered is a book I have been DYING to read for like a million donkeys' years (not quite). I guess it was more a case of cover love than anything else ;) 

And I am LOVING Howard's amazing story and writing! Unfortunately, I'm also finding it very sexist, and my feelings about the characters are rather strained. More to come in my review later this week.

The Scarlet Letter is a very tragic, hard-to-read book. It's a classic, so I have wanted to read it for a long time, and while I'm not loving it, it's definitely a good book.

Movie Arrival!

I read The Last Song months ago, and it was definitely one of Sparks' better works.  Yet it was okay, but not amazing. 
BUT, however, I want to watch the movie because, duh, it's Liam Hemsworth. And if that isn't a good enough reason, what is? 

Book Arrival!

So I was innocently drooling over all the amazing beauties at Readerswarehouse and thinking how tragic it is that I'll never get to read them even though my heart aches for them and then I walked over to the bargain bin but didn't really pay attention to the stuff in there because URGH usually the bargains are dirty and in bad condition and never have new-ish, nice-ish books and THEN. 
* heart stops* 
It. Was. Cress
I'v never read any of The Lunar Chronicles before but when I saw this baby - cheap (ish) and alone (not really) and beautiful (though a bit scuffed) - I HAD to buy it. I just couldn't lose the chance to own it :) 

So PLEASE answer this for me:
Is it essential I read Cinder and Scarlet before Cress? Help!

What are you reading at the moment? How's your week been? Have you read any of the books I mentioned? 


  1. Hey there! found your blog through a Goodreads group :) I love the cover of Splintered! It's soo gorgeous! The Last Song is one of my favourite books :) And while I've not started to read the Lunar Chronicles yet, (I have all the books though. Just no time!) I do know that you have to read the books in the order. They are a continuing series and not separate stories. All the stories come together to form the main plot..that's what my friends on Goodreads said :) So I guess it would be better if you start with Cinder! Hope I helped :)
    And am currently reading Rhodi's Light by Megan Linsky!


    1. Hi! Nice to meet you :)
      Yes the cover is AMAZING! Ahh it's beautiful :)
      Oh I see. Thanks, that helped a lot. I guess I'll just have to control myself till I get the previous books ;) It looks SO good!

      I haven't heard of Rhodi's Light, but I'll look it up now. Hope you enjoy it!

    2. Oh yes! I love all the covers of The Lunar Chronicles and the blurbs are just as intriguing!

      Am afraid Rhodi's Light didn't live up to my expectations :( but the overall story was good!

    3. Ah i'm sorry about that disappointment :( Hope your next read is a lot more rewarding!

  2. I need to read the Lunar Chronicles so bad! Meyer's Heartless is gorgeously written and if the first 70ish percent is another to go by I am seriously missing out having not read this yet!

    Because I haven't read it I can't comment on whether the first two need to read first though. I'd recommend finding some reviews by Bloggers that you enjoy or asking on the Goodreads page for the book?

    Enjoy your week!

    1. So glad you're loving Heartless! Hope u get to read the LC soon :)
      Thanks for the tip, I'll try that.

      Thanks! You too :)