What I've Been Reading & Watching - Two books finished, a hilarious TV series I'm enjoying.......

I finished two books this week (Splintered and The Scarlet Letter) and I reviewed The Scarlet Letter yesterday. My review of Splintered will be posted later today.

Next Up...

I'll be starting Room on the 1st of November. SO looking forward to this beautiful book!

What I've Been Watching

I watched two really bad movies this week :( 
Mr. Right and The Last Song. VERY disappointing; I don't recommend them at all. 

My Dad found the three last seasons of The Office (American version) for a really good price second-hand, so we have a LOT of watching to do! Yay for seasons 7, 8 and 9! 

It is such a brilliant, hilarious, witty and just AMAZING series, I can't recommend it highly enough. You should watch it :) 

What have you been reading or watching this week?


  1. I've already checked out your review of Splintered :) Glad it was a goodie!

    I watched The Legend of Tarzan over the weekend and really enjoyed that. So happy I managed to sit down to that one! I enjoyed the new take on the story.

    Hope you have a great week this week. :)

    1. THAT'S SO COOL you watched Tarzan! I'm DYING to see it! Glad you enjoyed it; I'm really looking forward to seeing the new take on the story.

      Thank you :) You too.