Book Vs. Movie #2: Twilight - by Stephenie Meyer

Did Meyer beat all else with the novel, or did Catherine Hardwicke's  2008 film adaption knock the book out of the park? 

And please don't hate on Twilight; I'm comparing the book and movie, and I am NOT ranting - and nor do I wish you to rant - about how awful you might think it is. Twilight's had enough hate; let's give it a break, please :)

Personally, I enjoyed both the book and the movie (although I certainly didn't love either of them). I actually need to re-read and re-watch both of them so I can update my reviews and gather my thoughts again, since my opinions on both have changed a bit.
Which was better?

Cons of the movie:
- Obviously, the movie was a lot more rushed.
- And I felt like the cast let down the movie a lot. All the leads were inconsistent, and I'd go as far as to say some of them couldn't even act. 

Pros of the movie:
- I loved Rob and Kristen's chemistry in the movie.
- I also loved how Hardwicke did the baseball game: there were a lot more quirky details and fun than what Bella narrates in the book. And it was a hot game......the music was also perfectly on point and I just got swept away by the fun of it :)
- Edward's character was a lot more anguished and serious than he was in the book. I liked that.
- A lot of quirky details were added that really helped my understanding of the characters' personalities. It could be the simplest, smallest things; like Rosalie saying a certain line instead of Alice.
- Charlie's character was given more emphasis, and he got some wonderfully funny lines and actions that perfectly suited his character. He was a big highlight for me.
loved how the end fight was done in the movie. It was so action-packed and dramatic and had so much more feeling and excitement than how Bella narrates it in the book. Obviously, her being half unconscious was a good excuse; obviously it wouldn't have been as clear from her point of view, but still.....the movie rocked it ;)   

Pros of the book:
- It was easy-to-read.
- It was exciting and addictive.
- Meyer made the situations and characters very relatable to teens.
- The characters were extremely vivid.
- It was well written.

Cons of the book: 
- Cheesy,
- The sexism (the movie underplayed that a lot).
- A lot of page space was wasted due to drawn-out, on-the-nose dialogue between Edward and Bella.

This is a very hard choice because I honestly think they both tie at avenge.
The movie wins! ( I think...)

Which did you prefer?