Book Vs. Movie #2: Twilight - by Stephenie Meyer

Did Meyer beat all else with the novel, or did Catherine Hardwicke's  2008 film adaption knock the book out of the park? 

And please don't hate on Twilight; I'm comparing the book and movie, and I am NOT ranting - and nor do I wish you to rant - about how awful you might think it is. Twilight's had enough hate; let's give it a break, please :)

Personally, I enjoyed both the book and the movie (although I certainly didn't love either of them). I actually need to re-read and re-watch both of them so I can update my reviews and gather my thoughts again, since my opinions on both have changed a bit.
Which was better?

Cons of the movie:
- Obviously, the movie was a lot more rushed.
- And I felt like the cast let down the movie a lot. All the leads were inconsistent, and I'd go as far as to say some of them couldn't even act. 

Pros of the movie:
- I loved Rob and Kristen's chemistry in the movie.
- I also loved how Hardwicke did the baseball game: there were a lot more quirky details and fun than what Bella narrates in the book. And it was a hot game......the music was also perfectly on point and I just got swept away by the fun of it :)
- Edward's character was a lot more anguished and serious than he was in the book. I liked that.
- A lot of quirky details were added that really helped my understanding of the characters' personalities. It could be the simplest, smallest things; like Rosalie saying a certain line instead of Alice.
- Charlie's character was given more emphasis, and he got some wonderfully funny lines and actions that perfectly suited his character. He was a big highlight for me.
loved how the end fight was done in the movie. It was so action-packed and dramatic and had so much more feeling and excitement than how Bella narrates it in the book. Obviously, her being half unconscious was a good excuse; obviously it wouldn't have been as clear from her point of view, but still.....the movie rocked it ;)   

Pros of the book:
- It was easy-to-read.
- It was exciting and addictive.
- Meyer made the situations and characters very relatable to teens.
- The characters were extremely vivid.
- It was well written.

Cons of the book: 
- Cheesy,
- The sexism (the movie underplayed that a lot).
- A lot of page space was wasted due to drawn-out, on-the-nose dialogue between Edward and Bella.

This is a very hard choice because I honestly think they both tie at avenge.
The movie wins! ( I think...)

Which did you prefer?


  1. OOOhhhh. This is a tough one.

    I did enjoy the books - they were like a guilty pleasure. And what I really did enjoy about them is that they were (I think) pivotal for the YA Paranormal genre. There are so many people that started off with reading Twilight and then found themselves giving other YA books a try. I can totally understand how there is such a huge Twilight Fandom out there.

    Book vs. movie - I'm still going to have to go with book. When I first watched it I didn't really understand how people who didn't read the books could have loved it so much. There's so many things that weren't portrayed so well in the movie - particularly Bella's inner thoughts which obviously are difficult to show with her character being quite reticent. That being said I did like the movie's visuals and I thought their casting was quite well done, particularly Charlie and Jacob.

    Great comparison!

    1. Argh I know right?!

      That is so true; totally agree with you there. Meyer did a lot of things by writing that book, and in a way we have her to thank for YA paranormal ;)

      Very true :) I didn't even think of Bella's thoughts, but good point!


  2. Well, Twilight is the book that got me into YA, so I might be biased toward the books haha. But now that I think about it, the Twilight movies are definitely much more entertaining and fun :D

    Also, you have really pretty blog :) Looking forward to your posts!

    1. Yeah I agree :)

      Thank you, it's great to meet you! I look forward to getting to know you :)