What I've Been Up To: Reading, Watching, Writing

   How has your week been? 

I'm still writing hectically for NaNo, but I did manage to watch a movie and start a new book, so I'm feeling happy :) 
(And guilty....)   

As I write this, my eyes are drooping and I want to collapse. No, I'm not bored ;) Just tired. I was at a party last night (yeah me, the awkward social bean), and I got home really late.  And then, because what else can you do late on a Saturday night?, I watched the first two episodes of Once Upon A Time Season 4, which I'd bought earlier in the week.
So yeah. Tired. How are you feeling? 

I reviewed the book of Room this week, you can see my review here. And I watched Shakespeare in Love on Friday; my review is here.

Oh! And trailer #2 for King Kong; Skull Island was released this week and I HAVE to share it with you all because it looks SO AWESOME! And I'm dying to see Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston in their roles as well. Here it is :) What do you think?!

BUT...I bought two beautiful babies this week, pictured below :)  Scarlet is the second book in Meyer's The Lunar Chronicles, and while I haven't read Cinder yet, Scarlet was cheap online so I jumped at the chance and got her. But I'm planning to wait impatiently till I can read Cinder first.

I've been reading Queen of Shadows this week, and I finished it yesterday. My review will be up tomorrow.  
It's going to be a hard review to write, because my feelings are very mixed, so I'm kinda not looking forward to it :( 
But I love Maas's vivid writing; just adore it. 

Here're some of my inspiration pics for my NaNo novel. Paul Wesley and Brie Larson are the faces of my two main characters :) And below the pic are the links to five songs that are SO amazing, and which fit my novel and characters so well.  

Right Here - Ashes Remain
Stormy - Hedley
Bring Me Back To Life - Extreme Music

Enjoy! They are AMAZING :) 

What have you been up to this week? What have you watched or read or written? 


  1. You should definitely read Cinder, and then the rest of the series! The entire series is just so amazing, and I think everyone should read it! Yeah, my feelings after Queen of Shadows were pretty mixed, too, but for the most part, I liked it. The next book in the series, Empire of Storms, is actually really good, though..

    1. Thanks for the advice, I plan to do that :) Glad you loved the series, I'm sure I will too!
      Interesting to know you feel the same about QoS; I am still planning to continue reading the rest of the series, which includes Assassin's Blade and EoS obviously.
      Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  2. Now I'm watching third season of once upon a time. It's brilliant ;)
    My blog :)

    1. The third season is awesome, glad you're enjoying it!
      I followed your blog :) Nice to meet you!

  3. Yay for buying Scarlet!! Hope you get Cinder soon too :) I've finally started with Throne of Glass!!!
    I love the pics and songs for your novel <3

    1. Thank you! Oh YAY YAY I'm so glad you've got to ToG, I can't wait to know what you think :)
      Thank you. Have a lovely day :)

  4. Oooh - looking forward to your QoS review. Can't wait to see your thoughts.

    Love your NaNo stuff and glad that is going so well for you this year.

    I haven't watched the Kong trailer yet but I will today and then I'll see if I get excited for it.

    Hope you have a great week and I'll keep checking for reviews! ;)

    1. I'm nervous about doing it, lol ;)
      Thank you!
      Hope you like it :)
      Thank you, you too, and same goes for your reviews! <3

  5. Ohh, I used to love Once Upon a Time, and then I just stopped watching it.
    I should really start again, I'm so behind though...
    The season with Peter Pan was my favorite and all the stories that followed just weren't as good, so that's why I wasn't in a rush to watch every single episode.
    I have no idea what's happening in Storybrook now...

    1. Ah sorry about that:(
      You really should, I'm loving the 4th season (most of it). The addition of Frozen's Anna and Elsa is really cool :) And since I'm a CaptainSwan shipper, I'm also LOVING Hook and Emma's relationship ;)
      I also loved the Peter Pan storyline, it was awesome. But you have a point about the stories after that; they have lost some of the original magic :(
      Thanks for commenting! Have a lovely week :)