Writing Resources: Writers, you CANNOT afford to miss these helpful sources!

In honour of NaNoWriMo, I'm going to introduce to all you writers who don't already know about them, some TERRIFIC AND AMAZINGLY helpful sites and sources to aid you in your writing. I kid you not, most of them have totally revolutionised my writing style and structure, and each one is a gold mine.

 Now Novel is a fantastic website to develop your novel ideas. They provide questions to help you sort out your idea and develop your characters and plot and setting, etc.
If you want to go further with your novel idea and be allowed to develop your novel more, then you have to pay a certain price to be allowed to access those features.
You can also subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on Facebook to get free tips and prompts which I have found to be SO helpful :)

Now Novel /   Twitter   /   Facebook    /

Ink and Quills is an amazing blog run by Kaitlin. As an author, she provides tips on all different aspects of writing; including how to create your fantasy world, publishing advice, how to write epic villains, and how to avoid YA cliches.
This blog is amazing! I have found it SO SO useful and her tips are so easy and helpful.

Ink and Quills /  Twitter    /  Facebook    /

   K. M. Weiland is an author and writing coach. She has written a number of amazing books about writing and structuring your story, and my writing process has totally changed since I discovered her site. She writes incredible blog posts, from writing dialogue to creating character arcs to structuring your story to perfection.
One particular blog series I found immensely helpful was a series she did using the Marvel films as examples of what to do or don't do when it comes to your writing.
PLEASE CHECK OUT HER SITE! She's amazing, and provides so many free worksheets, etc, to help you develop your novel ideas, worlds, and characters :)

 Helping Writers Become Authors  /  K. M. Weiland   /  Twitter /  Facebook  / Goodreads /

Creative Writing Now is a site that provides basic tips and a ton of writing prompts for poetry as well as writing. They run frequent online courses, which you can get a discount on if you sign up for their newsletter; the newsletter also provides weekly prompts and tips.
The best thing about this site is the amount of free prompts you can get :) And their tips provide a solid basis for developing your story better and learning more about writing.

Creative Writing Now  /  Facebook  /  Twitter

Any other writing sources you've found helpful?