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2016 End of Year Book (and Movie) Survey

This is an annual survey created by The Perpetual Page Turner that allows you to sum up your year in books. And, in my case, movies too. Thus I've edited the original questions slightly to allow movies as well :) AND deleted some questions that are non-applicable to me.   The graphic above is from the original survey. I credit Jamie :)

Since I only started blogging halfway through the year, most of the books and movies I mention below have not been reviewed on my blog. 

1:  Number of Books & Movies You Watched & Read:  Books: 127 (including school reads) Movies: 44.
2:  Number of Re-Reads/Re-Watches:  Books: Not sure! I don't think any... Movies: 2 
3:  Genre You Read/Watched the Most From: Book: Hmm......either fantasy or contemporary.  Movie:  Thriller/action

1: Best Book/s & Movie/s of 2016: Books: - Winterkill  - by Kate A. Boorman - Sisters Red  - by Jackson Pearce. - The Girl on the Train  - by Paula Hawkins. - Don't Look Now  - by Michelle Gagnon.   - Splintered -…

Monthly Wrap-Up: December

What I read, what I watched, what I did, and everything else :) How was your December?

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  I ate too much cheesecake because, well, it's cheesecake and it was available. And I got some lovely presents from my family which included MONEY TO BUY BOOKS AND I'M SO EXCITED AND I'M ALREADY CHOOSING WHICH ONES TO GET <3
 I also got an Amazon Kindle Fire from my cousins, which shocked me like heck because I was not expecting it. It's so awesome and I love it (although I won't be using it to read books because I really don't like e-books ;)

In other news, I finally bought my 2017 diary and it's so pretty and pink! I was going to get a turquoise one, but I then I saw the pink and I just couldn't resist.

Buying this beauty also means that I can toss my 2016 diary into storage along with all my review notes from my 2016 reads.
Ta ta purple diary and all my messy scribbles!

Posts of the month (excluding reviews & weekly …

THE SEALED LETTER - by Emma Donoghue

The Sealed Letter - by Emma Donoghue

Year Published: 2008 - by HarperCollins Canada.
Genres: Historical fiction/LGBT
Pages: 397.
Source: Library.

Miss Emily "Fido" Faithfull is a "woman of business" and a spinster pioneer in the British women's movement, independent of mind but naively trusting of heart. Distracted from her cause by the sudden return of her once-dear friend, the unhappily wed Helen Codrington, Fido is swept up in the intimate details of Helen's failing marriage and obsessive affair with a young army officer. What begins as a loyal effort to help a friend explodes into a courtroom drama that rivals the Clinton affair --complete with stained clothing, accusations of adultery, counterclaims of rape, and a mysterious letter that could destroy more than one life. Based on a scandalous divorce case that gripped England in 1864, "The Sealed Letter" is a riveting, provocative drama of friends, lovers, and divorce, Victorian style.
Having rea…

Waiting on Wednesday #13: DAUGHTER OF THE PIRATE KING - by Tricia Levenseller

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine that spotlights upcoming releases we're excited to read. And on A Magical World of Words, I include movies as well. 

Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller

Release Date: 28th February 2017. 
A 17-year-old pirate captain intentionally allows herself to get captured by enemy pirates in this thrilling YA adventure. If you want something done right . . . When the ruthless pirate king learns of a legendary treasure map hidden on an enemy ship, his daughter, Alosa, knows there's only one pirate for the job—herself. Leaving behind her beloved ship and crew, Alosa deliberately facilitates her own kidnapping to ensure her passage on the ship, confident in her ability to overcome any obstacle. After all, who's going to suspect a seventeen-year-old girl locked in a cell? Then she meets the (surprisingly perceptive and unfairly attractive) first mate, Riden, who is charged with finding out all her secrets. N…

Top Ten Tuesday #2: Ten Best Books of 2016

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Follow the link to learn more :)

Today's Prompt: 
"Ten Best Books of 2016"  (regardless of publication date)

Well, I guess this prompt can be rephrased as: "Your favourite books of 2016." That's how I look at it :) 

Oh, and I couldn't think of 10, so I stopped at 7.

1: Winterkill - by Kate A. Boorman

The cover is GORGEOUS and the story is amazing! 

2: Sisters Red - by Jackson Pearce  An action-packed, swoony retelling of Red Riding Hood :) <3 

3: The Girl on the Train - by Paula Hawkins
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. (And MUCH better than Gone Girl) 


MONEY MONSTER (film) was laughable

Money Monster- 2016.
Cast: George Clooney; Julia Roberts.
Director: Jodie Foster.
Content Rating: R for language throughout, some sexuality, and brief violence.
Source: Rented.

Financial TV host Lee Gates and his producer Patty are put in an extreme situation when an irate investor takes over their studio.

I love thrillers. More action the better, but still: a thriller is awesome if it's clever and well acted.
This wasn't.
When I saw that Clooney and Roberts were in this I was even more excited to see it. They're big names, so the film was bound to be brilliant as well.
It wasn't.

The cinematography was edgy, Clooney's screen charisma was as dazzling as ever, and he and Roberts had natural chemistry. Unfortunately, that's all the film had going for it. 
It was a stupid story. It felt fake, weak, and it felt like everyone was taking themselves too seriously. They were trying to do something clever, but it didn't work; it felt cheap,  laughable, and like they were…

Merry Christmas!!

I hope you all have a blessed, beautiful, relaxing, family-filled, friends-filled, food-filled, magical, fulfilling Christmas :) 
And if you're Christian, have a wonderful time celebrating Jesus' birth and the ultimate gift God gave us. 
Lots of Love, Xx <3 

Weekly Round-Up: Reading and Life

IT'S CHRISTMAS TOMORROW AND SO ALL MY CAROL SINGING AROUND THE HOUSE HAS PAID OFF. I mean seriously, is it something in the air that makes me addicted to singing Christmas carols this time of year? I just can't seem to get them out of my head.

You've probably noticed that I revamped my blog. Again. Thanks to Di for helping with the html, and Uma for telling me how to turn my social media links into icons :)

Posts of the week: 
Review: Under the Never Sky
Top Ten Tuesday
Teaser Tuesday
Waiting on Wednesday
Review: Minus Me
Character Christmas!

I read an AMAZING book this week: The Sealed Letter. At first I thought it was going to be a slow and boring read, but once I passed the first chapter, I became spellbound by its magnificence.  My review will be up later next week. 

I was also very naughty and went to the library. Now I have a pile of books waiting for me, but I'm only going to be able to start them in January cause of life and time, etc etc.
I'm not good …

Character Christmas!

So I decided to try a very different sort of post for today. I wanted something Christmasy, and I wanted something to do with YA characters.
So hence this idea was born. And I'd love feedback, so share what you think of it!

I picked 15 very well known YA characters. Then I divided them into three groups of five; the groups have to be picked randomly (although I did try to even out the guys and girls and separate the couples).
Then I picked five Christmas "jobs". And so imagine, if each group came together for Christmas dinner, who would do what and how would they do it?!

The "jobs": 
- The person who would host the party/dinner (decorator; etc).
- The person who would bring the food.
- The person who would bring presents for everyone.
- And the two people most likely to be found kissing under the mistletoe. 

Here are the groups (picked randomly): 

Group 1: Tris, Ron, Bella, Peeta, and Chaol.  

Group 2: Katniss, Morpheus, Four, Harry, and Aelin.