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MINUS ME - by Ingelin Røssland

Year Published: 2015 - by Oneworld Publications.
Genres: Young adult/contemporary.
Pages: 288.
Author: Ingelin Røssland.
Source: Library.
Goodreads: Minus Me

During a diving competition, Linda discovers that she has a rare heart condition and is told that her only hope of surviving is a heart transplant. Sensitive, introspective, and intelligent, Linda refuses to be wrapped up in cotton wool, despite her parent’s wishes. Determined to experience everything a 13-year-old girl should, Linda starts to work her way through a list of all the things she and her best friend wish to do: have a first kiss, go to a pop concert, travel without parents . . . 

But as Linda starts to tick these off, a mysterious emo boy called Zak appears — and always at the most unexpected moments. And he is happy to accompany her on daring escapades, particularly those that her timid best friend refuses to go on. But is Zak good or bad? And why is he the only one that Linda can share her fears with?

My Review: 

This wasn't the kind of book I usually pick up to read. But I was trying to go outside my comfort zone and attempt new things, so I thought: why not? And admittedly, I did start out rather liking the book.

What I Liked:

The descriptions were vivid and it was very easy to see place in the scenes. It was also a very unique book; very original. Sometimes that can be good, and sometimes that can be bad, but the uniqueness itself did not make the book bad. It had other things to blame for that.  
Minus Me was written in past second person. At first I thought this would be an issue for me, but I actually hardly noticed it.
It was a very easy-to-read, relaxing book. I didn't race through it, and although I wasn't enjoying it, it wasn't boring.

What I Didn't Like:

The characters were the downfall. Linda, the protagonist, was annoying, mean, and not in the martyr "please feel sorry for me" way, which is kinda what you might expect in the negative aspect of this situation. Instead, she was just selfish and plain cruel. Her parents were one-dimensional and dumb, and Linda was frequently unfair and rude to them. Again, this wasn't in the way that you feel sorry for her because she's going through a lot and you can understand her; no, I did not feel sorry for her. She was just a completely unlikable person.
It was unrealistic; the dialogue, the situations, and I felt like the author took the whole "becoming a teenager" thing way too far. Through Linda and her friend, the author made their whole excitement over turning thirteen unrealistic and silly. It was almost as if she was trying too hard.

I had some serious issues with certain passages in the book. Passages that I cannot believe the author actually left in.  Without me commenting on them, I'll let you see for yourself:


The ending was the worst part of the book.  Yes, it was sad, but it slapped me so hard across the face that I honestly wanted to hurl the book across the room.  The ending was a complete and utter betrayal.  I can't say more without spoiling the story, so if you want to know, ask me in the comments.
But let me just say that the author did the worst thing an author can do, and totally betrayed her readers.    

I give Minus Me:


  1. I really liked your review! I honestly saw this book and the blurb and think I would give it a try, but after reading some quotes from it that you posted, I'm not so sure now. LOL

    1. Thank you! Ah yeah, those quotes made me SO mad, lol ;) I don't recommend this book.
      Thanks for the comment, have a lovely Christmas!

  2. Great review! We very likely won't be picking up this book. Agreed, the becoming-a-teenager thing appears to be blown out of proportion. Huge issues with the third quote though... and that first quote already cements our dislike for the protagonist. Have a very merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I definitely don't recommend it. And completely, yes.
      Oh yes, that quote made me beyond furious. I mean seriously? Was the author smoking something when she wrote that?!
      Anyway. Thank you, you too!


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