Monthly Wrap-Up : Wrapping up November and looking to December

What I read, what I watched, what I wrote, what I will read and watch.....
How was your November? 

IT IS DECEMBER. I am literally shocked because that means Christmas is almost upon us and that is just amazing. Where has the time gone, seriously? Geez.
I had a very busy but very fulfilling November. I hope you did too? I was writing my NaNo novel throughout the month, which took up most of my time, and I'm going to have a post up about that tomorrow.
As of this week I'm officially on holiday! HAPPY DAYS. Of course, that means more blogging and more reading and *sigh* that will keep me so busy...... *wink wink*  
I also feel like I achieved a lot with blogging this month. I'm going to have an end-of-year thank you post coming up at the end of December, but for now I just want to say thank you to everyone who comments on or follows my blog. Thank you Xx <3 And thank you again <3  

My November posts (excluding reviews and weekly round-ups):

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My Reviews:

Room - by Emma Donoghue

Queen of Shadows - by Sarah J. Maas

The Fault in Our Stars - by John Green

The Time of My Life - by Cecelia Ahern

My favourite book of November was DEFINITELY Room. It was just amazing. My worst book was The Fault in Our Stars :( 

My Reviews:

The Help

The Legend of Tarzan

Shakespeare in Love

Crazy, Stupid, Love

My favourite movie of November was definitely The Help. It was SO SO SO amazing and I loved it <3
The worst movie I watched in November was Crazy, Stupid, Love :(

What I Hope to Read During December 2016:

(Apologies for the not so good photo).
Bear in mind this is a VERY ambitious TBR pile ;) But since I borrowed See Me from a friend, and own Unhinged, I sure I'll get to those two. 
The rest are from the library, and I'm going to re-read Sisters Red because I just have to review it for you guys and show you how much you need to read it!
(And I hope I love it as much as I remember I did......)

This WILL be the month I watch Civil War.........

I'm very excited to take part in a new weekly meme as of December.

How's your month been?! What have you been up to and what are you planning for December? 
Feel free to leave the links to your Monthly Wrap-Ups so I can visit :) 


  1. Great wrap-up! I need to watch The Help (and read it!)
    I didn't like TFIOS very much, either :-(
    Unhinged is such an interesting book and I really enjoyed reading it, I hope you do as well :D

    1. Thanks! Oh yes it's so worth it, you MUST watch and read it! I can't recommend it highly enough <3
      Yeah :(
      I hope so too :) I enjoyed Splintered very much so I'm sure this will be great. Thanks, and I'm glad you liked it!

  2. Wow, I think November has been a crazy busy month for everyone! You got books and movies AND nano in!!! *high-five because not many people have energy for all that during nano* ;)

    I'm looking forward to lots of cozy editing days this month :)

    1. Yeah I think you're right about that! Eish, I know - maybe I should've stuck to just writing ;)
      Ooh yes, me too! Hope yours goes really well :)

  3. Good job with November! And I love your December TBR..there are some gorgeous and interesting novels in there! :) My November was pretty busy too! Hoping for a fun December :)

    1. Thanks! I know I'm so excited to start them!
      I hope it wasn't busy in a bad way? Have a fun and relaxing December :)

  4. Ohh, I remember I loved The Help when I watcked it, when it was still a new movie.
    I hope you'll get to read as many books from your pile as you can!

    1. I'm so glad, it is amazing :)
      Thanks! Happy December!

  5. Aww I'm sorry you didn't like TFIOS :( It's one of my favourite books! I also hope you get to read Me Before You this month! It's such an important novel I think but also not quite as heavy!

    1. Ah sorry, but I'm glad you liked it though!
      Oooh yes I'm dying to read the book, but will probably get to the movie first.
      Thanks for commenting and have a lovely day!