OCEAN'S TWELVE (film) was a bit disappointing, but still a solid thriller

Cast: George Clooney; Brad Pitt; Julia Roberts; Andy Garcia; Matt Damon; Catherine Zeta-Jones; Don Cheadle.
Year: 2004.
Director: Steven Soderbergh. 
Content Rating: PG 13 for some language.
Source: Bought.
IMDB: Ocean's Twelve

After successfully robbing five casinos in one night, Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and his crew of thieves have big problems. Despite pulling off one of the biggest heists in Las Vegas history, the members of the gang have already spent much of the money they stole. Casino owner Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) demands that Ocean return the money, plus millions more in interest. Unable to come up the cash, the crew is forced to come together to pull off another series of heists, this time in Europe.
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My Review: 

The cinematography was excellent, the cast as strong as ever, and the characters beautifully deepened. It wasn't as good as Eleven, and to be honest, I was a bit bored. It wasn't until Julia Roberts took centre stage and the plot got more humorous, that things really picked up. But the story wasn't as exciting or satisfying, and at the end I felt like they'd summarised the action rather than shown it; and thus it felt more lazy.   

I'm not a fan of Catherine Zeta-Jones, and I was hesitant to see her performance. But I was pleasantly surprised and her performance was decent. 

Another quick comment: I found myself rooting for the thieves which I know isn't quite the right thing to do ;) After all, they are criminals, and I guess it's slightly worrying that the audience is being led to be on their side. Just a thought. 

I give Ocean's Twelve