Weekly Round-Up: Reading, Watching, Life

Hope you've all had a good week!
Apart from painful headaches every day (my eyes are super sensitive, blah, blah) I've had a good one too, and I've posted on my blog every day! *wipes forehead*. Whew.
And this week's gonna be the same.... 

Well. There's not much to say about my week, apart from reading and watching. My brother's back from camp, we finally set up our Christmas tree and decorations, and I've got all the presents I'm giving to my family sorted. Whew.
How's your Christmas shopping going? 

Oh! and next week's Weekly Round-Up will be on a Saturday, instead of a Sunday. Because of Christmas and all that :)

I also watched Money Monster (film) last night, and my review will be up in about a week. I bought a new movie this week, as well: The Host, based on Stephenie Meyer's YA novel. I enjoyed the book, so I'm looking forward to the movie :)

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What I've Been Reading:

I finished two books this week: Minus Me, and Under the Never Sky. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with both of them :( My reviews will be up this coming week.

I'm currently reading The Sealed Letter, by Emma Donoghue. Having loved her novel Room, I was really looking forward to this book, and while it is good, it's also quite hard to read. 
But I'm determined to stick with it :) 

Next Up...

I've decided not to start any new books until January. I've got a very crazy blogging schedule till the end of December, and I don't want to have a backlog of reviews or unfinished books leading into the new year.  I'm trying to get everything read, watched, reviewed, and wrapped-up by the end of December, so......yeah. 
I'm going to be posting almost every day.

How's your week been? What have you read or watched or been up to?

For those of you who are still unsure how to wrap up your blogging/reading year with a post, etc, Jamie from The Perpetual Page Turner has designed a brilliant yearly wrap-up survey that is both organised and fun :)
Just thought I'd let you know now in case you're interested to use it!  Find it HERE :) 


  1. Wow - a post every day! Awesome!

    I think I'm done with the Christmas shopping now (finally!). Although I love giving gifts I actually hate braving the shops to go and buy them and then wrapping them. :)

    Sorry you didn't like those two books. :( Hopefully you have a better week this week!

    See you around this week and looking forward to your posts!

    1. I know, whew! Lol.

      Yay that's great, congratulations!! Haha yeah, I totally understand....I personally love shopping, but there's always a limit ;)

      I hope so too, thanks!

      Thanks for commenting, it's great to hear from you again :) I look forward to more chatting in the week ahead. Thanks, Di :) <3

  2. You sure watched a lot of movies this week! :) I'm sorry the reading part wasn't so great..It sucks when you're disappointed with a book! My week..well it was pretty mixed..we had a cyclone here a while ago and lots of trees got ripped up *cry* and Internet connection was horrible! We are somewhat back to normal but still having problems..BUT I got a lot of reading done :) Once the internet connection was back up, I even reviewed a couple of books! I'm glad to say I loved all the book I read this week! Sadly haven't watched any movies *pouts*

    And thanks for the great link! While I already have a plan for my yearly wrap up post, Jamie's post idea is so cool and covers just about everything! I'm sure it'll help a lotta people! :) Great post Amy <3

    1. Ah I know, I was pretty shocked too! Lol.
      OH MY WORD a cyclone!! Gosh that's hectic. I really hope things get back to normal soon; I totally feel for you about the internet thing..... we've also had terrible times with our connection in the past and it is always SO darn frustrating.Urgh.
      Sorry you haven't watched any movies, but I'm glad you loved your books!

      Ok that's cool then :) I just thought I'd share it in case.
      Thanks :) <3

  3. Wow,it's been a massive week in movies! It's been so long since I've sat down and enjoyed one and hoping to be able to over the Christmas break. I hear you about those headaches. I only recently discovered I needed glasses when on the computer or reading and my headaches aren't quite as severe now. Have you had your eyes tested? Hopefully you can find some relief soon. Have a wonderful week of reading and happy holidays!

    Kelly @ Diva Booknerd

    1. I know right?! I was shocked too ;)
      Sorry you haven't watched much recently; I hope you get to see some good ones over Christmas :)
      Thanks for the sweet comment. I actually do have glasses, but they're for long distance (so I don't use them for the computer, only the TV). And I should wear them most of the time when I'm around the house or out, but I hate them so I don't ;) But anyhow, my eyes are very sensitive - to light as well - and it's always a been a issue. I guess I should wear my glasses more, although they also tend to give me headaches as well! Oh bother :( I must just cut back on screen time, I suppose, cos that does help.
      Thanks for stopping by, nice to meet you! <3

  4. I am so sorry you haven't had luck with books your read lately. :(
    But I am looking forward to read you future blog posts, especially if you schedule is all full, that is great! :P
    Thanks for this information about Jamie's post, I'll take a look. :)

    1. Thanks :)
      My schedule is pretty full for a while, which is great but kinda stressful too! Lol ;)
      Great :) And have a lovely week, Irena.

  5. Whaaaat, you didn't like Under the Never Sky?!?!? Boooo. I loved that book. I read it quite a while before it published though. Maybe the hype got to you? Post-publication hype. I hope you have a wonderful week! =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. I know I feel so bad!!! Glad you enjoyed it though:)
      Thanks, you too!

  6. I didn't like Under the Never Sky either. I'm trying to work on my upcoming blog posts so I have a post every day until the end of the year to give me more time for blog visits and planning my reads and blog topics! Fun! I love the planning and the anticipation of what books I'll be reading or the excitement of new blog posts for the New Year!

    1. FINALLY I'm not alone!!! Lol.
      Good luck with the planning! I'm OCD organised, so I'm always planning too far ahead, hehe ;) Yay me too! Have fun with that, and happy holidays! <3