Things Book Reviewers Can Relate To

I love reviewing books. I really do. That's why I do it, obviously. But sometimes - just sometimes - it can be a real pain in the -
Reviewing a book can be hard. And in this post, I've complied a list of things I'm sure most of you have come face to face with during your reviewing journey. I certainly have :)

You have so much to say, whether it be good or bad. Heck, this could be your NaNoWriMo novel, your 80,000 word achievement, your crowning glory of a essay that your teacher won't understand  but somehow you have to make a concise review. Somehow. 
It's seriously hard when you see your review going on for pages and pages - yes I'm guilty of that - and yet you have to hold back because no one in their right mind is going to read every single word of that 80,000 word review. It's not a review anymore, it's a jumble of thoughts; or your NaNo novel, if you will.     

And then there's the opposite. Feeling okay about a book, and not knowing HOW ON EARTH you're gonna get a paragraph out of that okay
And you don't want to waffle, either, so you really have to try dig deep and think hard. It's a pain. 

You know that beautiful or sexist or offensive or powerful line you should have written down the page number for and now can't find? I mean seriously! It was the backing of your argument, the cherry on top, and you needed it to explain what you mean in your review. But now it's gone. Disappeared from the pages.  
And darn. Your argument's fallen flat now. 

"How dare the author write something so disgustingly sexist? That's NOT LOVE IT'S ABUSE!"

I struggle with this a lot. I frequently have to hold myself back, take deep breaths, and resist writing a horrifically nasty, rant-filled review. I have to try look at the topic carefully and with a clear-head. 
But it's hard BECAUSE I'M SO MAD RIGHT NOW. And it's also kinda fun to write a rant review...

The book that everyone loves. And you don't. You just can't see it. 
("Excuse me while I sneak into a corner and furiously scribble my thoughts so no one can see.")

This is such a difficult thing. I always feel like I'm gonna get a ton of hate anytime I write a negative review of a book the world loves!
(But thankfully the blogging community is kind, so they often let me escape ;)  

I do this all the time.  Whether it's looking at other reviews and wondering if maybe mine missed the point, or whether it's looking back at my old reviews of different books and thinking "Well, I rated this one five stars, but I enjoyed it less than this one which I rated three stars": HELP! 

This seriously gets me down, because I'm constantly comparing the ratings I've given books - which I shouldn't be doing because JUST. LET. IT. GO. - and it's torture! 

You have SO MANY EMOTIONS AND SO MUCH TO SAY AND THE REVIEW IS NOT GOING TO BE CONCISE BUT IT HAS TO BE SO you sigh and sigh and try to rein yourself in so that what you're saying makes at least a tiny bit of sense. But it's hard, because the book has left you in tatters and shambles and you're scattered around the room in little bloody pieces and HOW ON EARTH AM I GOING TO FATHOM A SINGLE WORD

If reviewing the first book in a series was hard, reviewing the second book is agony. There is just something about reviewing books in a series; it gets harder as you go along, and it can be so difficult to avoid saying the exact same thing about the characters as you said in the review of the first book. 
Unless they drastically change, there's often not much more you can say about them. 

Can you relate to any of these things?! Are there any other struggles you face when you're reviewing?


  1. Oh goodness yes, I've definitely been having that first problem lately! My reviews have just gotten longer and longer and I swear pretty soon no one is going to read them because they've become novels themselves -_-

    But I do occasionally have that other problem too where I have, like, nothing to say because ok, the book was decent, but nothing actually stood out. I just don't review books like that unless it's a review copy. In which case I just force myself to talk about SOMETHING in the book.

    I also avoid writing reviews for seriously problematic books (again, unless it's a review copy) because I know I just cannot do it without completely ranting and getting snarky and nasty.

    And ugh, I drive myself crazy sometimes comparing my ratings for some books versus my ratings for other books!

    Basically this whole post is so highly accurate lol.

    1. Ah shame!! Lol; yeah, it can be really hard to condense :(

      Haha I totally get you. It's such a pain when that happens!

      True. But when I do have to review the problematic book, it takes a couple of very deep breaths to get me through it ;)

      Yes! I agonize over it! Gosh, it's torture :(

      Haha :) Glad you can relate (and then not so

  2. These are all sooo relatable! Yes, sometimes the words just keep on coming and you have to seriously cut down on it and sometimes... it's like one pargarph has described all your feelings and you just can't think of anything else to say. I also don't take notes while reading so sometimes I think of these great things to say while reading and afterwards I have no clue at all anymore. And also, I often binge-read series, but then it's really difficult to review the sequels as you say... I sometimes fix that by doing a series review instead. BUt also, sometimes it's not enough and you just want to rave about your feels separately for each book. Haha, thankfully book reviewing can still be fun too ;)

    1. A series review is an awesome idea! I might just try that, thanks :)
      It definitely can be fun! This post was very pessimistic, lol!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

  3. Sometimes I struggle to find anything to say about some books, especially ones that were less than memorable! I used to get that a lot and each review took hours! Gah don't get me started on the abusive relationships being what real love is all about...what is it with rapists and thugs being romantic heroes? HATE IT! I'm seeing too many books where someone is enjoying being raped and that disturbs me! Comparing ratings for books can drive me crazy at times so I'm right with you there! Great post!

    1. Yes agreed!
      YES YES I TOTALLY AM WITH YOU. It's the thing that gets me the most and that really irks my temper. Gosh, nothing makes me rant like those so called "loving" relationships. And YES!! I totally and absolutely agree! And the sad thing is it's becoming more and more acceptable and looked upon as "sexy love". I mean HELLO?! Urgh.

      Yes that also drives me insane!

      Thanks! Have a lovely weekend :)

  4. I love this! I've recently started reviewing some books on Goodreads, and I can already relate to a few of these XD

    These "Things __ Can Relate To" posts are super amusing and fun, Amy! Maybe try one on "Things Bloggers Can Relate To????" Great post!!!! :D <3

    1. I'm so glad! Yes I noticed, it's so awesome you're doing that!

      OH MY WORD what a great idea Audrey! Thanks! (I'll credit you when I post it, lol).

  5. Searching for page number when writes reviews is freaking hilarious :P And yes it's very hard when you're writing an unpopular review! I'm literally like 'ok guys so I didn't love the book like you did. Please don't pelt me with tomatoes!) :P Great fun post Amy!

    1. Haha yeah! Lol, exactly!
      Thanks Uma! Glad you enjoyed it :)

  6. "Sometimes-it can be a real pain in the ----" UM TOTALLY HAVE TO AGREE :P This was such a relatable post, kudos to you! And I totally get it when you hate a book that other people love like SAVE ME FROM YOUR WRATH lol I am on humour boost today....XD
    Prabhleen @ Booksarelife987

    1. Lol, thanks! Haha :)
      EXACTLY! I'm like, "am I gonna loose fifty followers now?!" lol.
      Humour boosts are awesome! Thanks for making me laugh!! Lol <3

  7. Yes, I can relate. I am finding that my ratings are more on the feels and general impression I get after reading rather than the nitty gritty.

    1. Yeah, feels can be a real problem sometimes!
      Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)