Weekly Round-Up: Reading & Life

Quick question: What do you think of Disqus? I'm interested to hear your opinions, and whether you prefer to comment via Disqus instead of the default Blogger system? 

I started school again this week. Actually, it went really well, although, *sighs*, science and maths are still awful. I hate doing those.
My sugar free diet is also going well; I only had a tiny bit of chocolate mousse and a nutella milkshake this week (the milkshake was nutella, how could I refuse?)  And I actually felt sick after having the mousse, so that's a good sign.
I won't be starting any new books this week because I've got a lot of blog posts to do and, obviously, school. But I can't wait for February so I can start the haul I got from the library!

I did also some fun designing on Photoshop, which I haven't done in a while. Since I'd just re-watched The Amazing Spiderman 2, I was overwhelmed with feels and thus came this little tribute:

Posts of the week: 

Book Review: Unhinged
Book Review: Freeks
Waiting on Wednesday #16
Book Review: Rumours
A TV series for everyone!
Book Review: The Maze Runner

My review of Frog Music will be up this week.

My review of Cafe Society (film) will also be up this week.

Exciting news! My 6 month blogoversary is coming up, and so I'll have a post up for that later this week (or beginning of next week). I can't believe it's been 6 months! 

Well, that's my week. Now I better go and make lunch for my family (I do that every Sunday: macaroni cheese and bacon). And I listen to music while I cook, so it's awesome :)

How's your week been? What have you read or done or watched?


  1. I can't wait to hear what you thought of Café Society! Off to read your Maze runner review. Hope school is going ok :)

    1. Yay thanks! It was good.....that's all I'll say for now ;) Hehe.
      School is definitely going well, thanks!

  2. Emma Donoghue actually lives in the same town as me (in Canada) and I've quite enjoyed her books, although I haven't read Frog Music yet. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on that one! Couldn't agree more about math and science by the way - they were by far my worst subjects in high school. Good luck with them!

    And I like Disqus personally, but I'm fine with the blogger commenting system too!

    1. Oh wow that's so awesome!! And I'm so glad you've enjoyed her books too :)
      Ah sorry :( Yeah they definitely suck! *high five*

      Thanks for letting me know!

  3. I totally empathize with you regarding science and math. I especially dislike the second one! In high school, the only math course I liked was Geometry, because I enjoyed drawing circles and triangles. Lol.

    CONGRATS on how well your sugar-free diet is going! I need to start on something like that myself....sigh....

    Oh, I want to read your reviews of "Unhinged", "Freeks", and "The Maze Runner"!!

    You've only been blogging SIX months?! Well, it seems like you've been around for MUCH longer!

    LOVE that PhotoShop Spiderman tribute!!

    Thanks for sharing! Have a GREAT week!! <3 :)

    1. Ah sorry!! Yeah they seriously suck :(
      Lol, that's so cool! I still love drawing shapes.... (should I have kept that to myself?!)

      THANK YOU! Yes it is definitely a *sigh* :(

      Haha thanks!

      Lol, I still feel like such a newbie! But gosh, the time does fly.

      Thanks!! They're my OTP at the moment <3 <3

      Thanks Maria, you too!! <3

  4. I've been thinking of switching to Disqus myself but just haven't yet. I think it's pretty good although I've seena few issues people have mentioned. By and large it seems like a good choice though. And congrats on 6 months!!!

    1. Yeah, I've also read up about the issues people seem to find with it. Oh well :( It's a hard choice.
      Thanks! Have a terrific week ahead :)

  5. I have always had trouble with math. It is hard indeed. That's awesome on your 6 months of blogging, Amy!

    1. Oh no I'm sorry :( It definitely is a pain.
      Thanks Jess! Have a lovely week :)

  6. Congratulations on the 6 months milestone! That's awesome! And here's to many more months of blogging happiness and crazy chats ;) Also well done on the no sugar diet! That's amazing.

    You already know I prefer Disqus - interested to hear what everyone else says!

    Cool tribute pic and I'm off to go and read your posts that I missed last week :) Hope you have a lovely week ahead (and now I want mac and cheese!!!).

    1. Thank you Di! I second that: *raises champagne I'm not old enough to drink* Cheers!
      Thank you!

      Haha yeah :)

      Thanks :) Yay see you there!
      Thank you, you too :)
      Oh no sorry! (Well, it was amazing in case you were wondering...... ;)

  7. I loved that edit of yours :) And I hate Math, but science is okay. (PHYSICS IS SO AWFUL LIKE NOOOO) I cannot wait to read the reviews you are posting this week! And happy 6 month blogversary in advance :)
    Prabhleen @ Booksarelife987

    1. Thank you :)
      OH NO!! SHAME!! I totally feel you :(
      Aww thanks!! <3 And thank you!!
      Have a wonderful week, Prabhleen :)

  8. HAPPY SIX MONTHS in advance!!! *sends you muffins* I just changed to Disqus Amy you know that! And so far, I LOVE IT! It's sooo reliable and like blogger every time you post a comment, the whole page doesn't reload changing the url!

    1. THANK YOU!! *gobbles muffins*
      Yeah I do! I know, I love that about it too - it looks so lovely as well - but....well, it's a tough decision because there're pros and cons :(

  9. You asked about DISQUS? To leave a comment, I would be forced to open an account or forced to submit all my details to DISQUS which then allows them to take over my accounts and do things 'on my behalf' which I find appalling! ie tweet for me and follow people it chooses etc. I will never let a third party company control my social media accounts just to leave a comment on a blog. So I can't comment on any blog using DISQUS which makes it pointless to follow those blogs. If you and Greg are switching to it, I won't be following any more I guess!

    1. Wow you've convinced me! I don't like the idea of Disqus getting access to my accounts, etc :(
      Thanks for the comment, I've decided NOT to switch to Disqus!
      Have a fantastic week, Chuckles :)

    2. If you open an account with DISQUS I don't honestly know what the terms and conditions would be for you as blog owner. You'd need to check that out for yourself as I don't know what they are. As a blog visitor, I would not open an account with DISQUS just to leave comments as I've no interest in joining them or Google Plus. I'd have to then sign in with the only other social media option which is Twitter, which I assume is what then gives them access to my tweets and seems to grant them permission to do things on my behalf, which I really don't like ie follow people on my behalf, send tweets on my behalf etc! That's why I won't personally deal with them in any capacity. But to be honest, you need to decide what is best for you and your blog and go with your own decision. It's only your opinion that really matters in this case so research it fully and make sure you know all the terms, conditions, pros and cons before making a decision. *hugs*

    3. Good point, thanks so much for the info and opinions. But I don't think I'll be going with Disqus - I've heard that a lot of people feel the same as you, and that some blog owners have noticed a big decrease in the number of comments they get once they go over to Disqus. So, at least for now, I don't think it's for me.
      *hugs you back*