Tears on Tuesday #1: The death of.......

Tears on Tuesday is a meme hosted by A Magical World of Words that encourages you to share moments from books and movies that have made you cry - either in sadness or joy. If you'd like to participate, simply credit me on your post and provide the link back to my blog. Thanks!

Since this is the first post of the new meme I've created, I thought I'd start with the first fictional death I remember sobbing my guts out at: 

Sybil Branson - Downton Abbey

The death of Lady Sybil Crawley Branson from TV's Downton Abbey was absolutely gut-wrenching. She was my favourite character, the most beautiful, passionate, radical, wonderful young woman, and she and Tom were my Downton OTP (still are). She gave up her privileged life to marry a man below her social class, and when she returned to her family for a visit, accompanied by him and pregnant, she was still as gentle and passionate as ever. 
She delivered a healthy baby girl, only to died of eclampsia during that night. 
To see her screaming and tossing in the bed, her family and husband clutching at her as she slipped away, was beyond painful.  I sobbed and sobbed.  

In the words of Mrs. Hughes, the housekeeper: 
"The sweetest spirit under this roof is gone, and I'm weeping myself."   

WARNING: Very dramatic and traumatizing. 

Have you seen Sybil's death? Did you sob your heart out?!


  1. Oh noooo, this one hurt so much. Her and Tom were so adorable and happy. This broke my heart :(

    Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

    1. Ah, it so did :( *cries with you* And they definitely were; such a beautiful couple. Sorry you were also devastated :( It broke my heart too <3

      Thanks for stopping by, Brittany :)

  2. Oh, I like this meme! I might have to try it out! I think my most memorable book sob was after reading The Fault in Our Stars. I seriously cried for like the entire second half of the book. But after I finished it and thought that I had gotten over it a little bit, I was telling my sister about the book... and it turns out I wasn't over it. When I started telling her about the sad part, I abruptly burst into this rather hilarious hysterical sobbing/laughing combination. It was unexpected for both of us. She just patted me on the back and laughed at me. Haha.