Top Ten Tuesday #3 and Valentine's Week #Day2: My Favourite Fictional Couples

It's Day 2 of Valentine's Week at A Magical World Of Words, and today I'm sharing with you my favourite fictional couples. 
And this is also a Top Ten Tuesday post, so it's two in one ;) 

Here are my favourite fictional ships; in no particular order.  Basically all of them are from TV series or movies, so I think I need to read more...... 

Neal and Kate - White Collar (TV series)
Some people say that Kate never loved Neal, but I believe she did. And while their romance ended in Kate's tragic murder, Neal never stopped loving her and I never stopped shipping them.  

Jasper and Alice - The Twilight Saga
Forget Edward and Bella, it was these two adorable babies that won my heart. 

Tony and Pepper - Iron Man & MCU (movies) 
The best ship name ever, and a beautiful couple.  I love the way Pepper always overreacts and Tony always fires her up, and their banter is simply gorgeous.  
Civil War might have declared their split, but NO. I will ship them till I die. 

Clint and Natasha - The Marvel Cinematic Universe (movies)
Equals in basically every way and beautifully protective and devoted to each other, and NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED IN ULTRON I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP <3 

Raoul and Christine - The Phantom of the Opera (book and movies and musicals) 
The first proper couple I shipped <3   
And no, I don't believe Christine belonged with that crazy Phantom; it was Raoul she loved. I will never go back on that ;)   

Killian and Emma - Once Upon A Time (TV series)
These two are the perfect example of how a person can grow and be challenged for the better by someone else. Killian opened Emma's heart and made her trust again, and she made him believe in the good man he could be. They're perfect for each other.  

Damon and Elena - The Vampire Diaries (TV series) 
I've only seen snippets of TVD (lots of snippets...) but I'm already in love with Delena. I adore Stefan too, but I prefer him with Caroline. It's Delena for me, thanks :) 

Jim and Pam - The Office (American TV series)
Gorgeous honeys who are adorable and witty and hilarious and awesome. I will never tire of their amazing sweetness. 

Peter and Gwen - The Amazing Spiderman (movies) 
#Pen (?!) Or let's just go with #Stonefield ;) 
My current OTP. I just can't get enough of these two adorable darlings, and I sobbed like heck at Gwen's death. They completely shattered my soul, but I will always love them. Incredible chemistry, incredible couple, incredible story. 

Noah and Allie - The Notebook (book and film) 
While I haven't yet read the book, the movie was amazing. I completely fell in love with Ryan and Rachel (okay, Noah and Allie...) and their chemistry was just gorgeous to watch <3 

Tenth Doctor and Rose - Doctor Who (TV series) 
#Dillie (?!) 
Not exactly a couple, but I still ship them with all my heart.

Dorian and Sorscha - Heir of Fire (book) 
Beautiful, beautiful, short-lived romance. They completely won (and crushed) my heart <3  

Adam and Christine - How To Fall In Love (book) 
There's such awesome chemistry between these two characters, and I loved the contrast in their personalities. 
They're my favourite Ahern couple, and this is my favourite of her books <3 

Who are some of your favourite fictional ships? Do you like any of the ones on my list?