MILIJUN - by Clayton Graham

Milijun - Clayton Graham
Year Published: 2016 - by Publishers Pty Ltd.
Pages: 322.
Genres: Science fiction / adult fiction
Source: Thank you to the author for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review!

It is Australia in 2179. On a moonlit Nullarbor night, Laura Sinclair and son, Jason, witness aliens descend to Earth. The extraterrestrials endeavour to form a symbiotic relationship with humankind, and Jason is chosen as a genetic link in a bizarre trial involving the impregnation of human females with hybrid embryos and exploration of spiritual compatibility. Laura crosses swords with Major General Sebastian Ord from the Australian Defence Force, Eucla and Uriel, the enigmatic head of Milijun, a reclusive research facility in the outback. Following a disastrous armed attempt to capture aliens at Cocklebiddy Cave and a fierce confrontation at Eucla, Jason is abducted by an alien swarm. What follows tests the resolve of Laura to the core. Caught in a relentless web of frightening new technologies and alien mystery, spurred by the undying love of her son, she gains a strength of character she never thought possible. All she has to do is save herself, Jason and several women and unborn children from the scheming plans of man and alien alike ...

It's been a long time since I read a science fiction novel and since I've liked them in the past, I was eager to accept a copy from the author when he offered it to me.
Unfortunately, it wasn't as enjoyable as I was hoping it would be.

The language was repetitive. A number of phrases were very overused, and this became more and more frustrating as I read on.
The writing wasn't concise. There were too many words, the sentences were frequently too long, and much of what was said or described could've been drastically shortened; which in addition would have made a stronger point. I was unable to reap very much information or emotion from the overwrought sentences, and I frequently lost my train of thought because of them.  
There were some lovely descriptions.  Every scene was described in detail, and while this did get a bit much at times, it was ultimately vivid and tantalizing.    

It was very action-packed, which I loved. The last quarter of the book was exciting and gripping, and not a single chapter went by without some physical action or fight or battle.
There was a lot of science and scientific terminology.  This was a very heavy science fiction book, and unfortunately much of the science terminology, etc, was lost on me. It was definitely intelligent and detailed, but I found it very confusing. I think a science buff would be able to get more from it than I did.
I also really struggled to suspend disbelief and buy into Clayton's world.  And this brings me to: the world-building was lacking; but not in the usual sense. The place of Milijun and its inhabitants was very detailed and intricate, but I wanted to know more about the outside world.  I wanted to know about people's everyday lives and what jobs they worked at and how their families lived, but that - the world outside of Milijun and Laura and Jason's experiences - was incredibly vague. I was desperate for some "humanity", if I can call it that. I wanted to know how people lived and how the "normal" world operated. Instead, the focus was on the community of Milijun and its scientific aims. I was frustrated.

The book started off with a very cluttered cast, but they did become easier to keep track of as the story went along. Still, I didn't particularly like any of the characters. I found Jason annoying and weak, and Laura frustrating. Her character arc and development were very good, but I didn't like her personality. She was an irritating character who constantly acted without thinking, and while this could be attributed to her situation and undying love for her son, she was still hard to love.
The rest of the cast were left with vague personalities that I never quite got a grasp on. They could've been much stronger. 

If you love science fiction and all things science-related, I am positive you'll love Milijun
I like science fiction but I'm not mad about it, so I found the negative aspects of the book hard to ignore. It was a strong idea, but I thought the execution could've been better.  


  1. Great review Amy! I hate books with heavy sci-fi and it isn't my favourite genre anyways so guess I will just pass it up. Sorry you didn't like it, hope your next read is better!
    Prabhleen @ Booksarelife987

    1. Thanks Prabhleen!
      Yeah, I guess you won't like it then.
      Thanks! Have a lovely rest of the weekend :)

  2. Woaaaaaahhhhhh, Australia 2179? That is very specific. :D That's a lot of dislikes though! I'm sorry you didn't really enjoy this book. I love science fiction and I love it when it gets really science-y, but I think authors should keep in mind that their readers might not all by professional scientists. -_- I probably would have a hard time connecting with the protagonist too. Ah well! You tried! Excellent review, Amy. =)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Haha yeah!
      I know :) Oops!
      Yeah true. But maybe you'll like it since you love science-y stuff? It just wasn't for me.
      Thanks Alyssa!