The Blog Squad: A Blogger Collaboration - Part 4

We are a group of three book bloggers situated on different continents but brought together by our love for books and a penchant for talking about them. We’ve joined our forces to create a collaborative series of posts about book blogging and we hope you’ll enjoy the discussions.


Do you need a Twitter and/or Facebook and/or Instagram account if you have a blog?

In short - no, BUT!!!! It definitely helps and for me, Twitter is a really wonderful place to connect with other bookish people. Authors are on Twitter, editors are on Twitter, publishers are on Twitter, book bloggers are on Twitter - the general public is on twitter! Twitter gives you the potential for a lot of followers that may not necessarily follow your actual blog, but will still give you ‘influence’ over the bookish world. 

Personally I don’t really Bookstagram but I know that with this visual social media there is another veritable trove of followers, not to mention the mouth watering visuals of the bookish world!

It’s definitely not a necessity but I can’t deny it helps ; not just with the bog but also with finding wonderful bookish friends from across the world. I have a Twitter and Bookstagram account for my blog and I see that I get a lot of traffic via Twitter and I get to connect with publishers via Instagram.

 I do admit that I didn’t create the Twitter account to drive traffic to my blog. I actually created it to take part in wonderful bookish chats and know what’s happening in the bookish world. I didn’t create the bookstagram for a particular reason either except to find wonderful people and look at the amazing pictures. But I did get inspired by the pictures I saw and started taking my own. I daresay that my pictures now are actually pretty beautiful ( #shamelessshowingoff ) And truthfully I’ve made a lot of friends via both social media platforms and met wonderful authors too! I would definitely recommend both social networking sites if you love books! Even if you don’t have a blog, these are amazing places to find wonderful friends, new books, awesome bookish merch and giveaways! 

What comment system do you prefer to use?

I think my absolute favourite comment system is CommentLuv, however this is a Wordpress addon. My favourite option for Blogger that is super easy to use and install is actually Disqus and that’s why I use it. I love the way the emails are sent to notify users of new comments and replies, you don’t have to sign up to each and every post and it’s easy enough to ‘thread’ discussions in emails so I know exactly which is for what. 

 Whatever comment system you use, when you go to someone else’s comment system please, please, please make sure your profile is filled out. It’s so hard to try and google people and trace them back to their blogs and while I used to do this all the time, now my life has been so busy I just don’t have the time, so if someone doesn’t reply with their blog links I’m unable to follow up and leave them some comment love on their own blogs.

Like Di, I absolutely love the Comment Luv system! I think it’s wonderful that your last post gets added but sadly it’s only for Wordpress. So I use Disqus and I find it pretty awesome. You get proper notifications and the page doesn’t reload every time someone comments (as it does with the blogger commenting system).

Which blogging platform do you think is the best? Why do you use Blogger?

Who thinks up these questions! ;) These are tough! 

 I think that there are pros and cons out there to all the popular blogging platforms. The most popular that I know are Blogger and Wordpress and I happen to use Blogger. It was the one that I stumbled upon first and looked the easiest. It definitely has it’s limitations and I think that, for the amateur user at least, Blogger is easier but is somewhat less powerful than Wordpress without a lot of ‘tweaks’. 

 At the end of the day though, so long as your blog isn’t visually unappealing it’s your content that matters more than anything else. We can sit and play and tweak and overhaul graphics and layouts but if you aren’t posting quality content on a regular basis - none of it will matter.

Now I can’t compare the various platforms considering I’ve only used Blogger. I just picked blogger after a bit of research as I read just about everywhere that Blogger is easier to use. I don’t have much complains with blogger honestly and I enjoy the services. There is so much storage space and it’s so easy to add widgets or gadgets. So far I’ve got nothing to complain and as of now, I have no plans to switch platforms. 

 I should mention here that I had once upon a time, tried using and while it’s visually gorgeous and so SO easy to use, the free storage is extremely less. But I think because of all this wix could be a great platform for websites rather than blogs. Author Jessica Khoury explains this wonderfully over here.

If you'd like to read my answers, then hop over to their collab posts! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed Part 4 in our series of discussion posts! Please talk to us and let us know YOUR answers below. What do you think of our responses? If you have any specific questions you’d like us to address in the future, please let us know in the comments section below. 

 Stay tuned for next week’s questions!


  1. Totally agree about Twittera. It's pretty great for connecting. And I'm seriously thinking of switching to Disqus...

    I need to do bookstagram. :)

    1. Definitely :)
      That's great! Hope it works out for you!

      Haha me too :)

  2. Wonderful collab Amy although we only got to it at the very last second :P

    1. Hehe ;) We always seem to ace last minute!

  3. Wow! I'm loving these collab posts! :D

    Twitter and Instagram...I try to post my own stuff on there, but I think I enjoy looking at other peoples' accounts more ;-)


    audrey caylin

    1. Yay I'm SO glad!

      Lol, me too ;) I seem to obsess over retweeting...

  4. Part 4 done and dusted (just!). Five weeks in and I love working with you ladies! xx

  5. This is awesome. Please, don't stop. I love this. You guys ROCK. :-D
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much Geybie, I'm so glad you're enjoying the posts!
      Thanks for the lovely comment :)
      Have a great week ahead!

  6. Ahh I missed the last post, but better late than never right...? ;) I do love these posts.
    I also believe social media is not super necessary, but a nice tool to add some publicity and connect to other bookish people. Especially Twitter is handy because of the giveaways and bookish chats. I have Instagram, but don't use it that much and Facebook, which is ok, but Twitter is definitely the best for me :)
    I've only ever used Wordpress so I can't really compare with other platforms, but it works for me. Also CommentLuv is pretty great, but it's a pity it doesn't work for all platforms.

    1. I'm so glad you're enjoying them!
      Absolutely true. And I agree that Twitter is probably the best.
      It is a pity; I like CommentLuv too :)
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Lindsey!