The Blog Squad: A Blogger Collaboration - Part 6

We are a group of three book bloggers situated on different continents but brought together by our love for books and a penchant for talking about them. We’ve joined our forces to create a collaborative series of posts about book blogging and we hope you’ll enjoy the discussions.


Blog scheduling - Do you do it?

I wish I did it!!! However I only manage to schedule the odd post or two; I’m not the most organised blogger in the world. :) I always end up with a few rough drafts, then a post or two that’s basically finished and then if I’m lucky I’ll be able to schedule a post in advance. 

 I know that I’ll do a Weekly Round Up (mostly on a Sunday), I vaguely look at Top Ten Tuesdays (once in a blue moon!) and then Wednesday's COULD be allocated to Waiting on Wednesday, and then Fridays I do The Blog Squad. I like to do a review at least once a week (although even THAT I’ve been falling behind on!) and random discussion posts crop up once in awhile… AS I said, I’m not the most organised blogger in the world!!

I’ve only ever properly scheduled The Blog Squad posts as the three of us live in different time zones and posting at the same time can only be achieved by scheduling. That being said, while I don’t “schedule” my other posts, I do plan them pretty well. I have a diary in which I write out outlines of posts (other than reviews) so it’s easy for me. But sadly, I haven’t been able to do that of late due to my college life being hectic! I’ll be completing my undergraduate degree in a couple of months and currently the only thing I’m planning are study time tables and stuff like that #notfun 

 But I do know that once my exams are over, like Amy, I’ll be epicly organized with blogging. For me, planning posts beforehand makes blogging so much easier and I always feel more relaxed when I know what’s going up on my blog the whole of next week or so.

Is there an acceptable number of posts per week for a book blog?

The short answer is yes: I’d like to hear from a blogger at least once a week or more. 

 I think that you have to be reasonably active in the blogosphere in order to have any real following and influence: Whether you post once a week or seven times a week, you just need to have SOMETHING. If I come across a blogger that posts content too irregularly then I find it difficult to take them seriously and probably won’t frequent their blog.

Okay this is quite a tricky question. I for one don’t like to post everyday. At the same time, I can’t not post at least once every week. A blogger does have to reasonably active. One post a month or so is NOT active. While I used to post about 4 times a week, currently it has reduced to 2 per week because of-you guessed it- exams! I’ll probably go back to 3-4 times a week after the exams but not more. I have many reasons for that. 

 A statistical reason is that find I get more comments on a post if it's on top of my blog for at least 2 days. If I were to post everyday, while I’ll probably get the same amount of comments overall, they’d be scattered across my various posts. (Does that make sense?) I think that’s because when we visit blogs for the first time, it’s the first post we decide to check out. The longer a post is at the top of the blog, more the traffic it gets. (but this definitely does not mean you should post just once or twice a month) 

 Another reason is that I don’t want to overwhelm my regular visitors. Readers can’t visit my blog everyday. I don’t want them to be faced with 7 or 8 new posts every time they visit. 

 Another more important reason is I don’t want to overwhelm MYSELF. I can only plan fun and enjoyable posts when I like doing it. Now if I start giving myself deadlines and pressures, I can hardly write happily. 

 I think it’s important to be active on your blog, and in the blogosphere. Commenting and interacting on other blogs is as important as posting on your own. You could post everyday and write amazing posts but for people to find your blog, they first need to know it exists. So go out there and make friends in the blogosphere!

Book Blitzes and Blog Tours - Your take

Book blitzes and blog tours are basically digital marketing campaigns for a book or an author and I love them! I am on the mailing list for both Xpresso Book Tours and YA Bound Book Tours and I will always participate in anything that catches my eye. Often these are smaller publications/ indie publications and one of the reasons that I’m blogging is to help promote and draw attention to the books and authors that I think should get it! 

 Blog tours especially are a wonderful way to see exclusive content like guest posts, interviews, excerpts etc. as well as reviews. While I prefer to do review spots when it comes to blog tours (so I know exactly what I’m promoting!) this isn't always possible with a tight review schedule and so being able to post other content is a great way to participate AND to show your readers something about the person behind the book. 

 Not only do book blitzes and blog tours promote the books and authors, but it also opens your blog up to more activity - especially if you are on Twitter!

I have participated in just 2 or 3 book blitzes and one blog tour.and truthfully I quite enjoyed them. Programs like Xpresso Book Tours do a really good job of organizing blitzes and tours. I do think these are a great way to get to know about new books; especially indie books. 

 I love book tours for you get so much information about a single book within the span - multiple reviews, author interviews and more help one get a pretty three dimensional idea of the book. I enjoy taking part and following book tours for this very reason. 

 I will be actively taking part in book tours from the month of May and hopefully help some wonderful indie authors and their books be recognized!

If you'd like to see my answers, hop over to their collab posts! : 

We hope you’ve enjoyed Part 6 in our series of discussion posts! 
Please talk to us and let us know YOUR answers below. What do you think of our responses? If you have any specific questions you’d like us to address in the future, please let us know in the comments section below. 
 Stay tuned for next week’s questions!


  1. I totally schedule although I didn't used to. But now it's a lifesaver for me and I feel alot more comfortable having stuff scheduled and ready to go. Especially when my internet went down recently- having posts scheduled saved me from having some blank days. :)

    And Uma great points about blogging frequency! I agree w/ all that. I've been blogging daily lately but only because I have a few recurring features that are simple and quick to put together, but I think 3-4 times a week or thereabouts is fine. It's easy to get burned out if you try too much and it has to be fun too!

    Great answer too, Di, on the blog tours/ blitzes.

    1. Yeah so true. It definitely makes me less stressful, that's for sure ;)

      Glad you love their answers! Thanks for stopping by, Greg :)

  2. For Uma: I find it so interesting how you've noticed that a post will get more comments if it's at the top of the blog for more than a day! I never would have noticed that, but it makes sense - if readers are visiting, say, every other day or so, and you're posting everyday, they might miss some posts. Great observation!

    1. Thanks Angela :) I noticed that only after a couple months of starting to blog... Yes, I'd like it if my regular readers could read all my posts :) Interaction is what makes blogging fun!

  3. I will admit that I'm one of those crazy bloggers who plans out all of her posts. It's easier for me though, because I only post once a week. But by no means do I go dark over those days--I'm skipping around blogsphere and reading other peoples' posts ;)


    audrey caylin

    1. So true, Audrey. I definitely think it makes it easier, and more enjoyable actually. That way you don't have to stress so much, etc.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I used to not schedule because I was able to fit in blogging with everything else, but now that I'm ready to face the end of my school year and there are fifty different tests that we're required to take, I've been planning more frequently, although right now, my planned posts lead right up to the beginning of May, and I need two more posts to pull me through AP testing.

    I usually get more comments after several days! It's usually because of my schedule that I'm barely able to keep on top of things as much as I used to, but at least I'm still able to manage. Senior year, though.... senior year, oh boy. How am I going to manage life in the blogging world?

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

    1. Wow that's hectic! I hope it all goes well, that's really crazy.

      Oh shame! I hope you do stick around, though :) Good luck!

  5. Great post as always! :)
    I have a few 'fixed' topics each week, like a Top Ten Tuesday and a tag or discussion on Thursday, and reviews on random days so I try to keep that kind of schedule. I also 'try' to prepare a bit in advance and schedule my posts in advance, but that's only like a week in advance at most and even then it doesn't always work :)
    I do agree that I like when blogs post regularly, somewhere between 2-4 times a week is ideal. But I also know it's not always possible so I don't mind if it's a little more inconsistent, as long as it's not a permanent hiatus or something.
    I like blog tours, but I've never participated in one myself though.

    1. Thanks Lindsey!
      Same here. And I love those meme days - it's a great idea to have a set day where you just do those.
      Yeah, true :)
      Thanks for sharing your experience!