Monthly Wrap-Up: From March to April

I cannot believe March is over. I know it sounds cliche and all that, but SERIOUSLY?! Where does time go? 
Looking back over March, I can't really remember what I got up to. I blogged a lot, read a lot, watched a lot of movies.... that's always nice :)  And I have big plans for April: 
I'm not participating in Camp NaNo, but I'm going to make April the month of writing. I'm editing my 2016 NaNo novel (long overdue, I know) and hopefully I'll be able to get some serious work done on that. I'm also planning to do a lot more writing posts on my blog.  Hopefully.  

I've recently become obsessed with Pinterest, and that has re-kindled my passion for the unwritten stories filed away in my room. So I'll be looking at those and sorting through them, and I'm hoping to even start writing one. 

Posts of the month (excluding reviews and weekly round-ups): 

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My Reviews: 

Flawed - Cecelia Ahern

Three Dark Crowns - Kendare Blake

The Helper - M. N. Snow

Milijun - Clayton Graham

Can't Buy Forever - Susan Laffoon

Indiscretion - Hannah Fielding

My favourite book of the month was Flawed, and my least favourite was Can't Buy Forever.

My Reviews: 

My favourite movie of the month was The Magnificent Seven, and my least favourite was Ocean's Thirteen.

I am so excited to start these books!! I'll be buddy-reading Six of Crows with Di @ Book Reviews by Di, and buddy-reading Heartless with Aneesa @ A Crave For Books

As for the others, I received them for review from publishers. Perfect hasn't arrived yet, but is due to any day now. I also have a pile of review copies arriving later this week, so I'm really excited!

I won this book in a Maximum Pop! giveaway months ago, but had to wait for my family to bring it down from England for me. 
And it's here now and it looks so interesting! I doubt I'll get to it this month, but we'll see :)  

How's your month been? Have you read any good books or watched any good movies? 
Did you buy any or receive any for review? 
How's life?! 


  1. You are definitely going to enjoy Heartless! Can't wait to read your review- mine comes out in two weeks!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and following me! I can't wait to spend more time on your blog and get to know you a little better through your comments!

    1. I hope so! Oooh yay I'll look out for yours, then!

      Sure! And same here :) <3

  2. It was a good month for reading and blogging overall. I want to get a few films or TV series looked at this month but tearing myself away from the books long enough might be hard! I hope to at least look at Fantastic Beasts and Bigfoot War as I'm so looking forward to them! I wish I had more time for Pinterest. I find it a lot of fun but just don't get the spare time.

    1. Yay I'm so glad! Haha definitely hard ;)
      Oooh nice, I hope you enjoy them! I haven't got round to seeing FB yet, but hopefully soon.
      True. It is incredibly time-consuming.

      Have a lovely week ahead :)

  3. Haha, I spent entirely too much time on Pinterest! Let me know how you like Heartless, it's been on my tbr list but I haven't prioritised it yet. Hope your writing is going well :)

    1. It is SO addictive! *high five*
      Will do.
      Thanks Olivia :)

  4. I`m planning on reading Heartless this month as well. Hopefully, it lives up to the hype. I also plan on reading History Is All You Left Me, A Thousand Splendid Suns, Half of a Yellow Sun and The Night Circus.

    1. Yay great :) I hope you like it!
      I hope you enjoy those books - I've heard great things about History Is All You Left Me. I didn't enjoy Night Circus, unfortunately, but hopefully you might :)

      Have a lovely week!

  5. I still need to read Six of Crows, agh! I'm planning on doing it pretty soon... almost finished with Salt to the Sea. Anyways, I'm super excited for this month's reviews!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

    1. That was my feeling exactly! I've had it for MONTHS now! Urgh! I hope you get to read it soon and love it :)

  6. I agree, I am totally shocked at how this year has flown by. Already April?! It's crazy. Also, I'm glad you liked Three Dark Crowns :) Fabulous wrap-up, and happy reading!

    Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

    1. I know right?! It's insane.
      Thanks Brittany! Have a lovely week :)

  7. Yes, March has gotten away from us :P I looked back on the month and could barely remember what I did!

    Eeeep! You're going to read Heartless! I've only read a sample, but it did look pretty intriguing. I can't wait for your review :)

    I hope April is a great writing month for you!

    audrey caylin

    1. So true!

      I know I'm so excited! So far it's quite nice, but not amazing.

      Thanks Audrey, you too!

  8. I'm sure you'll love Heartless!! And i can't wait to hear what you think of Perfect,i just finished it and loved it! Best of luck with your writing <3!
    Kariny @kariny's boox frenzy

    1. I hope so, thanks Kariny! Just visited your review, and I'm so glad you loved it. I'm sure I will too :)
      Thanks! <3

  9. Reasons why Caitlin could never be a book reviewer:

    #1. Caitlin has finished 1 book in 2017
    #2. Amy has read 6 books THIS WEEK & 24 in 2017
    #3. Reference reasons 1 and 2

    Haha ;) Happy reading, Amy! Great posts for the month... So happy you are going to be making April your writing month. As a matter of fact, so am I. *high five* Keep me updated on your progress! I want to finish my WIP by May to start querying over the summer.

    We got this!

    Caitlin @ Quills & Coffee

    1. Hahaha!
      Well to be fair, you write a LOT more than me, so you have a decent excuse ;) Hahaha

      Thanks Caitlin :) I'm really looking forward to your updates too! Yay that's so exciting, I hope it goes well <3 Good luck!

      We definitely do! Happy writing ahead!

  10. Nice wrap up! I agree about Pinterest, it's like there is so much cool art and stuff that it can be inspiring and make you want to write! I watched Girl on the Train last month too. Did you like it? I thought it wasn't bad.

    That Night and Six of Crows looks good.

    1. Thanks! I know right?! I was SO motivated, haha ;)
      I did like it, but it wasn't amazing. You can read my review here :)

      They really do, I can't wait to start them!
      Have a great rest of the week, Greg :)

  11. Nice, I read Flawed this month too! I cannot wait to see what you think of Perfect, I am so excited to read it! I really want to watch Doctor Strange!

    1. Yay! *high five* So far Perfect is amazing - I hope you get to read it soon!
      Oh yes Doctor Strange was so fun :) I'm sure you'll enjoy it!