"Here's To The Fools Who Dream"

A few weeks ago - NO WAIT IT'S BEEN A MONTH.....WUT THE HECK - I watched the beautiful La La Land. (You can read my review HERE.) It's an amazing, captivating, brilliantly produced film, and blew my mind in so many ways. But it was its profound and gut-wrenching message that truly touched my heart.

A lot of bloggers have done posts of La La Land, sharing how it spoke to them, and so I'm not going to do quite the same. Basically, I just want to share the lyrics (and the video) of one of the most beautiful songs in the film, which portrayed so spectacularly the heartache and dissolution that so many of us face in life: whether it's in acting, singing, writing, or anything else.  It speaks to the dreamers - the ones who've been beaten down by failure after failure and don't think they can get up again.  It says that there's something beautiful in our mistakes - in our so-called failures. Because we learn from them, and because we grow. And it tells us to never, never stop dreaming. 

Hope you love it as much as I do <3  

Here's To The Fools Who Dream 

My aunt used to live in Paris. 
I remember, she used to come home and she would tell us 
these stories about being abroad 
And I remember, she told us that she jumped into the river once. 
 She smiled... 
 Leapt without looking 
And tumbled into the Seine 
The water was freezing 
She spent a month sneezing 
But said she would do it again 

Here's to the ones who dream 
Foolish as they may seem 
Here's to the hearts that ache 
Here's to the mess we make 

She captured a feeling 
Sky with no ceiling 
The sunset inside a frame 
 She lived in her liquor 
And died with a flicker 
I'll always remember the flame 

Here's to the ones who dream 
Foolish as they may seem 
Here's to the hearts that ache 
Here's to the mess we make 
 She told me: "A bit of madness is key 
To give us new colors to see 
Who knows where it will lead us? 
And that's why they need us" 

So bring on the rebels 
The ripples from pebbles 
The painters, and poets, and plays 

And here's to the fools who dream 
Crazy as they may seem 
Here's to the hearts that break 
Here's to the mess we make 

I trace it all back to then Her, and the snow, and the Seine 
Smiling through it 
She said she'd do it again

- Music by Justin Hurwitz and lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul
- Performed by Emma Stone 
La La Land (2016)  

Have you watched La La Land? What did you think of it? Did this song speak to you? 


  1. I love this song so much! The entire song is so brilliant!

  2. This song is amazing! <3 The video fits it so well, and really makes you focus on the lovely message the lyrics hold. La La Land is easily one of my favourite films ever! :D

    1. It is! And yes, you're so right <3
      Mine too!

  3. It's such an inspiring song and it's honestly the true core of what La La Land is about. Every artist needs to hear this!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

  4. Ahhh, La La Land... my partner sat there fidgeting and said, she didn't like it? She was bored? I was so upset. I loved this so very much! Glad you loved it as well :)

    1. Oh no! That's so disappointing!! Glad you loved it, though :)