The Blog Squad: A Blogger Collaboration - Part 13

We are a group of three book bloggers situated on different continents but brought together by our love for books and a penchant for talking about them. We’ve joined our forces to create a collaborative series of posts about book blogging and we hope you’ll enjoy the discussions. 


Commenting Back - What do you do if you end up on a blog that has zero interest for you/nothing in common with yours?

I think there’s always something that can be said on someone else’s blog - you don’t have to have the very same interests, but because I have a book blog the majority of my readers are also book lovers and that gives us something in common. We may not read the same genres but I can appreciate a good review and (normally) not every post is a book review so there’s always a discussion post or tag or meme that I can comment on. 

 If I happen across a blog full of cooking posts or crafts - well I like those too and while I’m not skilled or learned in these things, I can definitely leave a thoughtful comment appreciating the blogger’s work. In fact, some of my favourite posts lately have been about crafting and food! :) 

I think the main thing is to never leave a ‘I was here’ kind of comment - commenting for the sake of it. I want someone to come and stop by and comment because they are truly interested, not just because they want a comment back on their blog.

Since most of my readers are book lovers too their blog is most probably a book blog too and I ALWAYS have something to say at a book blog even we don’t read the same genres or like the same books. 

I like to comment on meme posts and discussion posts in blogs where the reviews are for books that aren’t really my kind of books. I also love checking people’s “About Me” page! It’s so interesting and fun and I always like to get to know the person behind the blog. 

But like Di says, a comment for the sake of commenting back is not good. I try my best to find a post in the blog that I’d like to read and I leave a honest comment. But it is true that whenever I reach a blog during my ‘commenting back’ which doesn’t have reviews of books i’d like to read or have read, I ALWAYS look for a discussion post! Those are the best no matter what!

What is your preferred 'follow' method? 

I prefer to either follow blogs using GFC or Bloglovin’. Follow by email just results in waaay too many emails being received and I’d prefer to be able to keep up with other bloggers in an amalgamated platform so that I can deal with all the posts when I have the time and not necessarily when they’ve been published.

GFC is my most preferred way but obviously GFC is only for Blogger blogs and I also love a whole lot of blogs hosted by WordPress, Squarespace etc. I think in such a case, I immediately look for a Bloglovin follow option! Bloglovin is a wonderful way to keep track of the blogs I follow. Sometimes even when I’m following a blog by another method, I still make it a point to follow them on Bloglovin too as it’s easy to check for new posts on Bloglovin and it can be wonderfully organized.

I do follow quite a few blogs via email but I really try to limit it. I may not always have the time to visit the blog when I receive the mail and when I do want to visit, the mail gets lost. The ‘Stay organized’ part of me is not a fan of that!

How do you keep up with the blogs you follow? 

As I mentioned I use Bloglovin’ and I recently went through ALL the blogs that I follow on there and made groups so that I can easily ‘filter’ through what I’m looking at. There’s a couple of group for the people that I’ve become close to while blogging or for blogs that I adore and have a special interest in and I try to check out all of their posts, even if I don’t get around to commenting on every single one. 

I also keep collections on Bloglovin which helps me to remember which posts I need to go back and comment on later. 

Bloglovin has a mobile app so I will often read on my mobile and then go back to the posts later off my computer to comment because it’s just easier that way. I sometimes blog hop and comment off my phone for convenience but then I always get hit by autocorrect and end up with silly typos (so if you’ve had silly typos from me it could have been because I visited from my phone!).

Like I said, GFC and Bloglovin! Also, most of the bloggers who visit and comment on my blog are owners of blogs that I visit on a regular basis! So just by commenting back, I mostly visit all the blogs I follow and love. Also the ‘stay crazy organised like Monica Geller’ part of me has caused me write down a list of the blogs I frequent in my diary. Every weekend, I go through this and make sure I visited all the blogs in my list. Everytime I find a new blog I love, I add it to the list. This helps a lot and helps me make sure I never miss visiting a blog I love!

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 We hope you’ve enjoyed Part 13 in our series of discussion posts! Please talk to us and let us know YOUR answers below. What do you think of our responses? If you have any specific questions you’d like us to address in the future, please let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned for next week’s questions!


  1. I try to comment back as much as I can - like the ladies said, you can pretty much always find something to comment on, even if you don't have a lot in common with the other blogger. I don't like "commenting for the sake of commenting," though. I want my comments to be thoughtful and feel like I'm contributing something, and I hope others do as well.

    1. Perfectly put, Angela, that's so true :) And for the record, I always love your comments. They're so genuine :)

  2. I used to follow a lot of blogs per e-mail but then my inbox was starting to get too full and I couldn't keep track anymore... So now I've mostly been following through Bloglovin.
    Also, I do try to comment back on every blog that commented to me and try to leave a meaningful comment - even if they don't read the same genre of books as me. I'm still interested in their reviews or discussion posts... most of the time there is bound to be something I can comment on :) But I do prefer comments that have meaning, not just "Great review" or "Thanks for stopping by my blog". Just a little something more to show I read and appreciated their blog post.

    1. It does fill up fast!
      True. And yes, that's a great way to do it.
      Thanks for stopping by, Lindsey!

  3. It's really awkward sometimes when people comment but you know it's just a one-time comment thing which really stinks. I'm a busy person during the school year, so commenting is very limited for me, but I do try to reach out to blogs who have connected with me and say thank you, because you know, they do mean it. I do agree that following on GFC has its drawbacks-- besides Bloglovin, it's really hard to follow blogs on other platforms like Wordpress or SquareSpace.

    How I end up commenting on blogs is I reply to the comments already on my blog, then comment on the ones in my feed. Once I do those two things, I go bloghopping for blogs to read more about, then leave a genuine comment. I kind of do the same thing Uma does, with some variation-- I have the days of the week, and if I discover a blog like today, on Friday, I'd put it under the Friday category and I'd be sure to see if there are any new posts on said blogs from when I last checked. It's pretty efficient!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    P.S. Can I just say I'm loving the way your Bookstagram is right now???? <3

    1. It can be, yeah. Although the fact that they've commented still means something though, right? They still took the time to do that.
      It is hard! I wish WordPress had GFC, lol ;)

      That's a great way to do it! I've also been trying that recently.

      Awww thank you <3 That's so encouraging :)

  4. This was a super interesting post! I've never used Bloglovin' much, mainly because my blog and a majority of the ones I follow are Blogger and have the GFC option. I'm starting to realize that other platforms are quite popular too, so I'll have to look in to getting more active on Bloglovin'!

    audrey caylin

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Audrey!
      Haha yeah, I need to do the same. I'm terrible at Bloglovin' :(

      Thanks for the comment <3

  5. I totally agree with Di's answer on commenting. I know someone who reads all romance probably has little interest in my blog, so if they leave a comment anyway I always appreciate that. And I try to always leave a meaningful comment, although I don't know if it always works. :) Sometimes I find a blog on a hop or something and it's all dudes with no shirts on lol- those can be tough to comment on, cause what do I say? But like Di said there's usually something I can comment on or relate to, and in the end it's all good.

    What's really cool is when another blogger and I comment back and forth or follow each other even though we read TOTALLY different things- but we still have books in common.

    1. Agreed :)
      Lol, I can understand that! That must be hard! But yeah, usually there's something.

      That is cool!

  6. I agree with Di's "commenting back" answer. I recently joined the "Bloggers Commenting Back" list at readerswonderland, and am going through some of the other blogs on the list. They all have different ideas and writing styles, but I find that it's great to be exposed to such diversity within our own blogging world.

    1. Oh yes I did that for a while too! That's an awesome way to comment.
      Beautifully put :) And so true.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. What a wonderful collaboration!! I almost always have something to say when I visit another person's blog, but there are rare occasions when I cannot think of something. I've noticed that this happens when I visit someone that reviews romance only. I always want to comment something unique, not just "great review!" or something like that.

    1. Thanks Erica!
      I know! It's hard sometimes when you want to be genuine, but there's not much to work with, so to speak.
      Thanks for the comment :)

  8. I love this post, wow you guys are awesome. I do try and comment on blogs, lately I have been slacking though but I am trying to make up for it!
    Great post guys! :)

    1. Thanks Aneesa!
      Lol, don't stress ;)