Monthly Wrap-Up: June to July

I'm officially terrified of time. How is it July already??!!! *shudders*

But I'm now on holiday for three weeks! This first week I'm looking after Grade R kids for our church's holiday club, so every morning I'll be there for about 4 hours - having woken up at 6:30 IN THE COLD WHEN IT'S STILL DARK. SOB.
But I enjoy working with the little kids. When they behave.

I'm also hoping to start plotting one of my WIPs these holidays; something I never got round to in June.  Hopefully I can get it ready, and then maybe start writing it...

June was a decent month. I read a lot, even if I didn't watch or write very much. Life's been pretty dull, although it's winter now so it's deliciously cold and awesome. But our drought's still serious, and our water restrictions are tight. We are extremely desperate for rain. Please pray!

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My Reviews: 

The Fourth Monkey - J. D. Barker

A Gleam of Light - the Wolfs

Shadow and Bone - Leigh Bardugo 

Passenger - Alexandra Bracken 

Siege and Storm - Leigh Bardugo 

My Review: 

Jackie - 2016

The month of red books, it seems! And buddy-reads, actually...

I'll be reading Ruin and Rising with Di and Uma, reading You Don't Know My Name with Di and Uma, and then reading the The Cruelty with Melleny. 

And then me, myself and I will be reading Carve the Mark and Cinder ;) 

Did you have a good June? What was the best and worst movie and book you read/watched?

Hope you have an amazing July! 
Xx <3