The Liebster Award Tag!

Thank you to Brooklyn @ Brooklyn's Bookish World, Erica @ Erica Robyn Reads, and Heather @ Heather's Reading Hideway for nominating me! It's so sweet of you guys, and I am so excited to answer your questions :)

(Fun fact: "Liebster' is German for "dearest"). 


- Thank the person who nominated you. 
- Answer the 11 questions they wrote for you. 
- Nominate 11 people. Give them your set of 11 questions to answer.

1. What 2017 release are you looking forward to most? 

It's already been released but I haven't read it yet: Daughter of the Pirate King. It sounds AMAZING, and I love the idea of a strong heroine, swoony romance, and gorgeous banter.
I NEED this book in my life. 

2. Where is your favourite place to read? 

On my bed, surrounded by pillows and blankets. And in the middle of a rainy winter's day. 

3. What is your favourite genre to read? 

Fairy tale retellings! And urban fantasy! And thriller!

Okay. Mainly fairy tale retellings.

5. If you could bring one character to life, which would it be? 

Ah I don't know! This is so hard. Probably Rowan from Letters to the Lost - which is kinda random, I know, but I'd love to have her as a friend. 

8. Is there a book/series that everyone else loved but you didn't? 

The Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. Although I'm currently reading the third book and it's redeeming itself...

9. If you could live in any bookish world, which would it be? 

I'd love to live in a fairy tale. Not sure if that's a proper answer, but throw me into Beauty and the Beast or Red Riding Hood or Peter Pan and I'll be happy.

I think.

10: Who is your all-time favourite author? 

Cecelia Ahern <3

11: What is your favourite type of blog post to write? (meme, review, etc): 

Movie reviews! And book reviews. 

12: Who is the one blogger that you love to get new post notifications from the most?

Oh I can't just choose one! Come on! 

So I'm going to cheat ;) 
I love getting post notifs from Di, Uma, Kyra, and Audrey. Their blogs are amazing. 

13: Which book themes immediately have you interested? Which ones are a total turn-off? 

Fairy tale retellings, and thrillers with the focus on relationship drama always get my attention.

Romances with shirtless dudes on the cover or a couple in a sensual position are an immediate turnoff. I hate alpha-male romances.

14: What genre do you want to read more of? 

Thriller. I desperately want to read more of Gilliam Flynn's books (I've only read Gone Girl).

15: How do you save the page you're on? Do you use bookmarks, a piece of paper, etc etc... 

Ribbons, actually! I seem to have a lot lying around, and I try to match the colour of the book to the ribbon :)

And I nominate......

 Genni @ Ready, Set, Read

Caitlin @ Quills & Coffee

Abigail @ Ups & Downs

and anyone else who wants to do this tag! 

Unfortunately I don't have the time to visit all your blogs and check if they're tag-free, etc, so I'm letting you decide if you want to do it :)  Please go ahead, and let me know when your posts are up so I can come check them out and see your answers! 

My Questions for YOU:

1: If you were a colour, what would you be? (What colour best suits your personality?)

2: A magical animal you'd love to have as a pet?  

3: Guilty pleasure book? 

4: Would you rather live in Oz or Neverland, and why?  

5: You're only allowed to watch 1 movie your entire life. What movie would you choose? 

6: You're stranded on an island with Hermione Granger and Katniss Everdeen. Who do you think is more likely to escape without you and leave you behind - given dire circumstances?    

7: One book that forever changed your life?  

8: Who's your fictional hero/role model?   

9: Would you rather drown in ice-cream or burn in pizza? (I'm weird, I know).   

10: What's one famous book you wish you'd written? 

11: What's one book you know you'll never, ever read?  

Did you enjoy reading this post? Are you going to do this tag? Chat with me in the comments! 


  1. I love this tag so much! Great answers!!

  2. Fun answers, Amy! I seem to be getting into fairy tale retellings a lot lately! Thank you for nominating me!

  3. Aw thanks for the mention, Amy! <3 Great answers and questions! Thanks for tagging me x

    1. Sure Kyra :) Thanks! And pleasure <3

  4. Daughter of the Pirate King sounds like it will be great! Happy reading and congrats on the awards! :)

  5. Great answers! I've only read the first book in the Grisha trilogy so far but I liked it. I didn't love it but I'll definitely get around to reading the second book one day. I hope the third book does manage to redeem itself for you.

    1. Thanks Brooklyn! Glad you did :) And thanks.

  6. I've really grown to love thrillers. And movie reviews are so fun to write, I totally agree!

    Daughter of the Pirate King does look amazing.

    1. Yay I'm so glad :) Haha yeah!

      It really does!

  7. This tag is so fun! I did this one a long time ago! I like your questions! You need to check out Daughter of the Pirate King soon! It is seriously my favorite 2017 book so far! I am dying to get my hands on Daughter of the Siren Queen! Alosa and Riden are such awesome characters!

    1. Glad you liked it! Oh that's so cool! And yes, I really need to!
      They definitely seem awesome :)

  8. I love these tags! Thanks for thinking of me! :) I haven't read the Grisha trilogy, and I'm not sure I want to. I just don't have much interest in it. My favorite posts are doing book and movie reviews as well! I love just putting out my opinions, even if they don't matter too much in the grand scheme of things. :) I haven't read Cecelia Ahern! Agh I know! One day soon I'll read something by her. :)

    1. Sure, Genni :) Yeah, I'm not sure if you'd like it.
      Yes so true! Lol.
      Ah you must, she's amazing!

  9. Ooh ribbons are a good idea! I'll have to try that. Mainly I just use free bookmarks from Book Depository, haha. XD
    Loved reading your answers! :)

  10. This is such a great tag! Your answers were great!

  11. Ohh, this is great!
    Loved your answers :D
    Also loved your questions - you're very original ^__^

  12. I'm doing it! I am, I promise! It's just taking me time to catch up! Sorry I've flunked blogging for like the entirety of July!

    1. No stress, Di, I know things have been hectic! Can't wait to see your post when it's up :)