The Blog Squad: Part 21

We are a group of three book bloggers situated on different continents but brought together by our love for books and a penchant for talking about them. We’ve joined our forces to create a collaborative series of posts about book blogging and we hope you’ll enjoy the discussions. 


Where do you hear all your bookish news?

I’ve always used Goodreads a lot so I still go there to see what people are reading and adding to their TBRs and what is upcoming. 

I also get a lot of news from other bloggers - Waiting on Wednesdays is terrible for my TBR but it does keep me informed of books that are upcoming that I may not have seen before. Other blogger’s reviews also keep me informed of books that might have somehow slipped through the cracks, books I might not otherwise have heard of as well as backlisted reads I’ve missed and indie books to look out for. 

Buzz Books also feature books to look out for that are about to be released and I always try to get the YA editions to read the excerpts to try and see which books need to be on my TBR and what I should get super excited for. 

Edelweiss has some great publisher catalogs that I check out as well whenever I have the time. 

I have also signed up to a few publisher email lists by email so I really do have a lot of ‘news’ sources! It’s great though - I love reading about all things bookish.

Twitter and Bookstagram are two places where I find out about literally every bookish news. New releases? Best book covers? Bookish controversies? It’s all there ladies and gentlemen! Twitter always has the latest news and I follow oh so many bookish people that it’s pretty impossible not to know the latest bookish news. 

Also, Goodreads YA newsletters are wonderful things to see in the inbox! And also, Goodreads Lists are a great way of discovering new releases. I check the YA releases of list every month and add a couple dozen books to my TBR! I’ll probably be killed by my TBR falling on my head but oh well....

Also like Di, I’ve signed up to quite a few publisher email lists and I get these really awesome bookish emails which also contribute to the TBR that’s going to be the death of me.

Do you read other reviews of books you're about to read yourself? 

I actually have a strict policy when it comes to books that I’m excited to read: I try to keep away from all reviews, all hype and any conversations about those books until I’ve actually read them - I would hate to get a spoiler or to have preconceived notions of a book before I go into it. Sometimes I have no idea what a book or series is even really about before I go into it and often that’s the best way to start. 

When it comes to books that aren’t really on my radar then yes, I do read a lot of reviews before I actually pick it up - I like highly recommended books and I like to know that I’m not going to be investing my precious reading time into something I for sure won’t like. Then there’s the books that I hear about from people I would call my trusted reviewers - if I see a great looking book and a great review then that immediately becomes a book I’m excited for and I will add it to my TBR and avoid all other reviews/media about it. :) 

It’s complicated ;)

I don’t read reviews of a book I’m just about to review as I think that might subconsciously influence my own review. But I do read Spoiler free reviews of a book BEFORE I start to read it. I mean reading reviews is one of the ways in which I continue to add more books to the weapon of my death (my TBR of course!) It doesn’t take me more than 2 minutes to add a book to my TBR (I’m so ignorant of my impending doom) but it does take me YEARS at times to actually get to reading a book in my TBR ( I don’t want to anger the weapon of my death that’s why). It’s actually reviews that convince me to get that book out to go from the TBR shelf to read shelf. So reading reviews before writing a review? NAY! Reading reviews before reading the book? YUS!

How do you use Goodreads in correlation with your blog? 

I ALWAYS post my reviews to Goodreads because that is where I really started keeping all my bookish records and reading and writing reviews in the first place. If I’ve received a book for review that I didn’t really enjoy or had to rate negatively I may not post that review on my blog but I’ll still post it to Goodreads because even though I didn’t like it, it’s my own, very valid opinion and people deserve to know that there’s people out there that didn’t like the book and their reasons why. 

I personally don’t have affiliate links on my blog so I also link everything directly back to Goodreads from my blog. I try to remember to link all covers (which I get from Goodreads in the first place), all author names, series etc. 

It does help that Goodreads has a ‘post to my blog’ function that I use. I will generally post the review to Goodreads first and then let it create the draft post on my blog which I then tweak and develop into my final review post.

I actually post my reviews on Goodreads first. Then I click the little “Post to blog” checkbox at the right corner below the review box on Goodreads before I hit Save on Goodreads. Since my blog is connected to my Goodreads account, the review appears as a draft in my blog! I then edit it, add cool graphics and hit publish! 

I also add a link to the Goodreads page for the book in all my reviews ‘cause I know almost all my blog readers keep a track of the book they want to read on Goodreads. It helps to give them a direct link for that!

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 We hope you’ve enjoyed Part 18 in our series of discussion posts! Please talk to us and let us know YOUR answers below. What do you think of our responses? If you have any specific questions you’d like us to address in the future, please let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned for next week’s questions!


  1. I think I get most of my bookish news from Goodreads and other bloggers! That's where I hear about most new releases. Other times I'll just see something on an entertainment website or sometimes even from an author if I'm directly following them.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Angela! Those are definitely good sources.
      And good point, seeing on an entertainment website is also convenient :)

  2. I mostly hear book news from other blogs and Twitter, and Goodreads to some extent. Although usually I hit GR AFTER seeing a book on a blog, to check out the blurb or the reviews. :)

    AS for Goodreads itself, I need to do a WAY better job cross posting over there.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Greg :) I do that too.

      Haha it IS a pain!

  3. I get most of my bookish news from fellow book bloggers (both through their blogs and twitter), and through the various bookish podcasts I listen to :)

    1. Oh cool podcasts! That's interesting :)
      Thanks for stopping by, Erica!

  4. I read most of bookies news on amazon. I have a weekly book News and always check Amazon new releases news out every week. I also get lost of news from the blogs I follow. Most of them have cover reveals posts that announce new books. I also get I formation from publisher websites that I subscribe. They always send me upcoming book news. Twitter and Instagram are very useful too. Oh and authors' pages.

    I don't usually read the reviews about the books I'm about to read. I'm afraid it will affect my reading, but I do see the overall ratings on Goodreads. It helps me to decide.

    I use Goodreads to post my ratings of the books I read and to see what other bloggers are adding on their shelves and which ones are their favorites. I love book recommendations! 😁❤️

    Awesome discussion, guys. You all ROCK!!! Thanks for sharing. 👍🏻

    Anyway, please come to my blog and recommend me your favorite YA paranormal and urban fantasy books. :)

    1. Oh cool, I hadn't actually thought of that option! I must look at Amazon, too, then.

      Good idea :)

      Yes recommendations are so fun!

      Thank you Geybie!! <3