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Today I'm so excited to be participating in the blog tour for Deadly Burial, a crime thriller from author Jon Richter.  
Hope you enjoy what he has to say! 

Why is no-one writing about professional wrestling?? 

 The best soap on TV. Fascinating, larger-than-life characters. Shocking plot-lines packed with unexpected twists. Constant hilarity interspersed with some genuinely poignant moments. And the behind the scenes antics, particularly back in the 80s, were often even more insane than what was being presented to us in the ring itself: hostile takeover bids, backstabbing scriptwriters lying to combatants about who was going to win the match, drink, drugs, violence… and real-life tragedy.

For anyone looking for inspiration, the world of professional wrestling is an absolute goldmine. When I penned my debut thriller Deadly Burial (available for download now from Amazon for your eBook reader), I genuinely felt like I had stumbled upon something that would virtually write itself: just place a dozen pro wrestlers on tour on a remote island, add a dash of murder, and simmer…

Of course, it wasn’t until the 2008 blockbuster smash The Wrestler that the pro wrestling industry was really brought to mainstream attention in any form other than as a children’s pantomime, ripe for derision. As a lifelong fan, it was fantastic to see the wrestling business finally treated sensitively – yes, the matches are scripted, but that doesn’t mean the moves don’t hurt. When you watch a wrestling match, you’re watching something halfway between a stunt show and a theatre production featuring intense method acting; the risks are very real and the performers often sustain serious injuries.

But that’s somewhat missing my point. Yes, I do enjoy the spectacle of a well-crafted bout, in the same way as you might enjoy a great dance performance, or a boxing match; but the real skill is in the story telling. The most memorable wrestlers aren’t those with the best mat skills, or even the most distinctive look (and there have been plenty of those: The Rock, Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker… all are instantly recognisable household names); they’re the ones that were involved in the most compelling battles. Brother versus brother. Corporate sleazeball versus working class American hero. A sumo wrestler fighting a zombie (okay, so that last one might not necessarily be called ‘compelling’… but where else would you see that on telly?!)

Meanwhile, professional wrestling in the UK is currently in the midst of a full-blown renaissance. World of Sport will soon be back on our screens every week, with the likes of Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks and Kendo Nagasaki passing the torch to a new generation of warriors. The WWE itself has crowned its first ever UK Champion, and an unprecedented number of British and Irish fighters are being showcased on their regular programming – remember when it was only The British Bulldog flying the flag? (I remember fondly the times when, to ensure the American public weren’t baffled, he would come out and announce in a broad Wigan accent that London was his ‘hometown’…)

I hope this post has inspired you to dust off your old wrestling figures, or at least to watch an episode of WWE Raw with your son or daughter if they are still a big fan… not just because I genuinely think you will find it enthralling viewing, but also because it just might give you some story ideas…

When DI Chris Sigurdsson is assigned a grisly murder case on remote Salvation Island, he knows that it might be his strangest yet. A forgotten wrestling star of the 1980s has been poisoned whilst in the ring, and amidst the slippery lies of his dangerous opponents, unravelling the victim’s murky past is almost impossible. And as a storm threatens to cut Salvation Island off from the mainland, the race is on for Sigurdsson to find the ruthless killer before he strikes again…

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Jon Richter lives in London and spends most of his time hiding in the guise of his sinister alter ego, an accountant called Dave. When he isn’t counting beans, he is a self-confessed nerd who loves books, films and video games – basically any way to tell a good story. Jon writes whenever he can and hopes to bring you more disturbing stories in the very near future. If you want to chat to him about this, or about anything at all, you can find him on Twitter @RichterWrites, or at his Facebook page at

Hope you enjoyed this post! Is Deadly Burial a book you'd like to read? Is wrestling something you're interested in? 


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  2. Congratulations to Jon on the release of this book! Deadly Burial sounds thrilling and chilling story!

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