The Blog Squad: Part 24

We are a group of three book bloggers situated on different continents but brought together by our love for books and a penchant for talking about them. We’ve joined our forces to create a collaborative series of posts about book blogging and we hope you’ll enjoy the discussions. 


What’s the one thing that has changed the most about your reading habits since you started blogging?

Unlike the other girls, I’ve found that since I started blogging I read a lot LESS than I used to! Blogging takes up a lot of my spare time and I used to spend a lot of that time reading! Now I’m thinking maybe I’m doing it wrong! ;)

I definitely read with a more critical eye and I always try to take notes when I’m reading. I know a book has been great for me if I totally forgot about taking any notes because it means I was too swept away and just reading rather than taking notes for my review!

Many things actually! One, I’ve started to read more responsibly. Two, I’ve started reading with a more critical eye. Three, I spend more time reading than sleeping or even eating :P Four, I spend more time blogging than reading.

By starting to read more responsibly, I mean I strongly feel about representation now and don’t just read for the entertainment factor. Before I started to blog, I wasn’t aware of how minorities are underrepresented in books and all the wrong representation in books. I hadn’t realized it was problematic. Now I do and I consciously try to read more diverse books.

By reading critically I mean, I pay attention to details that I used to gloss over before I started blogging. Now since I review every book I read, I look at the plot with a critical eye and scrutinize my main characters etc.

And before I started blogging, while I was an avid reader I don’t think I spent maximum amount of my time reading. I used to read leisurely but now with my own books, author sent copies and ARCs from publishers, reading takes up a lot of time. Funnier still is the fact that blogging takes up even more time than reading. Writing reviews, scheduling posts, coming up with blog post ideas and such needs a lot of brainwork and precious time!

Do you use your local library?

My local library actually has a very small selection, especially being an ‘outback’ rural library. It is very possible though to order books in and I also make great use of the ebook library tools available to me.

Rural Libraries Queensland actually has some really great e-resources and in particular I love Overdrive and Wheelers and it’s great to be able to download epubs and transfer them to my e-reader.

Yeah I do but not to a great extent. The fiction section in my local library is seriously lacking so I very rarely get books from there. I mostly just go there to get books for college and studies. Sometimes I drop by the fiction shelves and while they have a lot of classics, they never get any new stuff! *sad*

Do you read Indie Books? Why/Why not?

I’m trying my very best to read more Indie books. In particular this year I’ve been trying to read at least one Indie book a month and I’m trying to support the #LetsReadIndie movement.

What I do love about indie books is the very personal interaction with the authors (because they do all the marketing etc. themselves you often get to know the person behind the book far better than you would a novel from a big publisher/publicist.

I also love that self publishing gives authors a place to turn to if they are rejected by a publishing house. There are really some wonderful hidden gems out there. Even the queen, JK Rowling got ‘loads’ of rejections before she was published.

Indie authors also get to keep full creative control over their books and series which means you are reading them exactly as the author meant them to be read - not conforming to a publisher’s model or trends.

As a blogger I love being able to help broadcast and publicise these hidden gems and I will continue to read any book that interests me, independently published or not.

Yes I do read Indie books. Truth be told, I read a book if the plot interests me. The publishing house/ publisher doesn’t really influence my decision to read or not read a book. I have read quite a lot of amazing Indie books and reviewed them on my blog too. Also we need to support authors who opt for independent publishing too! It’s not an easy process and they can use all the marketing/publicity help they can get from bloggers.

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  1. I agree about reading LESS and blogging MORE. Also I do take notes sometimes when I read, something I never did before. And unfortunately I don't use my library much, since their selection is not great. Although the larger library a little farther out is better.

    1. Ugh sorry about your library :( I hate it when their selections suck, it's SO annoying. At least there's another library you can go to that's better.
      Thanks for stopping by, Greg!

  2. I use my library a ton. It has a good selection and is part of a great county system, so there's very few books I've found that I can't get through them.

    1. YAY that is so amazing!! You are so lucky. Make good use of it, haha :)

  3. It's so true about having less time to read and blogging more. Blogging and promoting the posts take so much time. People really don't realize how much work blogging in.

    Great post, ladies!
    ~Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

    1. Blogging definitely takes a lot of time. It can be so hard to juggle that AND reading :(

      Thanks Brittany!

  4. This compilation of questions is so interesting! I don't make use of my school library a lot but they do have the staple YAs for everyone to read. OMG AND INDIE BOOKS! I;m thinking of committing to reading at least a couple a year :D

    - andrea at a surge of thunder

    1. Glad you like them, Andrea, and thanks!
      Haha ;) Go you! Some indie books are seriously good.
      Thanks for the comment!

  5. Another great topic. I think I read a lot more and also a lot faster now that I'm blogging than I used to. I used to read about 40-50 books a year and now I'm up closer to 70-80. I also take notes while I read, which I haven't done since I was in college, but I find them helpful for when I go back to write reviews.

    I also use my local library a lot. They have a great selection of physical books as well as e-books and audio, and I'm able to get my hands on a lot of newer releases that I want to read and review on the blog but don't necessarily want to purchase.

    1. Thanks Suzanne :)

      Yeah notes are life-savers. They definitely help me, too.

      Yay that's so good! Enjoy it!
      Thanks for stopping by :)

  6. I don't take furious notes about books I am reading. Maybe I should? I just review on how a book makes me feel, so I might not remember names or have all the quotes I loved. Hopefully my review will still make you want to read it, or explain why I didn't like the read.
    These are fun questions. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It's all about personal preference, I guess. I personally don't trust my memory, so I have to write stuff down. Lol;)

      Thank you, so happy you enjoyed them!

  7. - My reading habit hasn't changed too much. I'm a slow reader. It takes sometimes two days for me to finish a book.
    - I love libraries but the closest one is still too far so I don't go as often as I would like.
    - Indie books are my FAVORITES. Lots of my fave books are from indie authors. Same wth Di, I love when authors promote their own books.

    Another awesome discussion!! Love this feature. You guys cover all the important things. LOVE them. :)

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Geybie :) I love hearing how other bloggers' reading habits have changed or not changed.

      Thank you, Geybie! <3

  8. Great post again, ladies!
    My reading habits have definitely changed since I started blogging. Most notably I also started reading more critically and also that my TBR has never been bigger :) I also definitely broadened my reading horizons and reading books that I probably wouldn't have picked up before but that have been getting buzz in the bookish community so I'm eager to try them out! I don't know about the amount of reading though - like Di says I spend a lot of time blogging now when I used to spend it reading so I also think I do read less now than before...
    I don't really use my local library because the selection just isn't that big for English books... And I should read more Dutch books but then my TBR is already so big, so I just.. don't :) Same with Indie books, I know I should read more of them so I should really work on that...

    1. Thanks Lindsey!
      Lol, yes, the TBR ;) Say no more...

      Thanks for the comment and for sharing your thoughts!