Weekly Round-Up: Busy, busy, busy

It's been such a busy and exciting week. My cousins are visiting Cape Town on holiday, so I've been spending every spare minute with them and we've been binge watching Hawaii Five-O together - for me, it's re-watching, and although I don't think it's a well written series at all, it's such a fun guilty pleasure ;)

Otherwise, I'm seriously behind on replying to blog comments, going blog-hopping, and writing my WIP. I had hoped to get the first draft of my book finished by this time, but I haven't had the time. And since I've been sleeping over and spending most mornings with my cousins, I've had to use the afternoons to catch up on school.

OH AND I HAVE EXCITING NEWS. I finally got a cellphone!! My amazing cousin is an absolute darling, and surprised me with it when she visited on Wednesday. I literally cried.

I've also started bookstagraming again. YAY.

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I am loving Wayfarer, which makes me so happy because I didn't enjoy Passenger that much. Canary Club is giving me mixed vibes, and I'm not far enough into A Stranger in the House to have an opinion of it yet. 

Yeah.......I kinda love thrillers a lot. And I am SO EXCITED about these darlings which arrived late this week.  

Greg reviews One Dark Throne

Brooklyn reviews Cress

Amber Elise reviews Hunting Prince Dracula

Breana reviews Defy the Stars


This horror film based off of Stephen King's novel is smashing box office records internationally and has been incredibly well received so far. Personally, I'd rather shoot myself in the foot than go watch it (clowns are seriously the creepiest things in the universe) but it does seem like a very well made film. It's also the highest grossing King book-to-movie adaption so far. 

After the incredible success of Wonder Woman, it's fantastic that Jenkins will be returning to direct the sequel and continue Diana's story.  

Jennifer Lawrence's performance in the horror/thriller film Mother! has been highly acclaimed and looks set to open new doors for Lawrence in terms of future roles. 

What's your week been like? What are you reading at moment? Watched anything awesome recently?