Character Fight to the Death Tag!

Thank you to Abby @ Ups & Downs for tagging me for this awesome tag! And I am so, so, so sorry that it has literally taken me months to get down to doing it.

If you don't know how this tag works, here're the rules:

- You write down the names of 30 characters.
- For every question in the tag, you randomly draw two names.
- From those two names drawn, you answer the question accordingly.

Let's do this!

30 Characters I Chose: 

Felicity Smoak, Sherlock Holmes, Diana, Nina Zenik, Rachel Watson, Dr. Watson, Kaz Brekker, Draco Malfoy, Alice Cullen, Regina Mills, Katniss Everdeen, Captain Thorne, Jasper Hale,  Juliet Young, Nate Archibald, Matthias Helvar, Blair Waldof, Scarlett March, Killian Jones, Inej Ghafa, Emma Swan, Tony Stark, Thea Queen, Lucien Vanserra, Loki, Dorian Havillard, Tinkerbell, Starr Carter, Pepper Potts, and Celestine North. 

You only have one more spot on your spelling bee team. Who gets it?
Sherlock (Sherlock Holmes) or Felicity (Arrow)

This is hard, because both of these dudes are serious brainiacs. But I think I'll go with Sherlock - he's more likely to keep his head in the game and stay calm under pressure.

Both characters want to kill you. Whom would you kill first to have a better chance of survival?
Diana (Wonder Woman) or Nina (Six of Crows duology)

I'd kill Diana first (don't ask how!) because I think Nina would be easier to get away from. Not easy, just easier ;)

You're on the bachelor/bachelorette and down to two characters. Who gets your rose?
Rachel (The Girl on the Train) or Dr. Watson (Sherlock Holmes)

Dr. Watson definitely. Rachel, as much as I feel for her, would be too unstable as a suitable love interest. And come on, who doesn't love Dr. Watson? I'd go with the Jude Law version, though - he's better looking ;)

You've been chosen for the Hunger Games. Who's most likely to volunteer in your place?
Kaz (Six of Crows duology) or Draco (Harry Potter)

Pfft. I can't really see either of these boys thinking of anyone but themselves. But I guess Kaz is more likely - if I was someone he truly cared about.

You're stranded on an island and must engage in cannibalism to survive. Whom do you eat? 
Alice (Twilight) or Regina (Once Upon A Time)

Eww. Not my type of meal. But......I think I'd eat Alice, just because Regina would be useful when it actually came to getting off the island. Magic, anyone?

You're the next Marvel superhero (with your own TV show, of course). Who's your sidekick? 
Katniss (The Hunger Games) or Thorne (The Lunar Chronicles)

Katniss would be more useful since she's can actually fight, but Thorne was born a perfect sidekick. His sass, charm, and hotheadedness would definitely be good company.

You're a manager of an avocado company. Whom would you fire for poor communication skills?
Jasper (Twilight) or Juliet (Letters to the lost)

Juliet. I think she'd be too busy with her life and family to actually find time to do her job. As for Jasper, he'd be perfectly efficient.

You've just finished a book in which your favorite character dies. Which of these two characters is more likely to comfort you? 
Nate (Gossip Girl) or Matthias (Six of Crows duology)

Nate. *insert swoon* Oh to be comforted by Nate.....

Yes, I think Nate would definitely comfort me; Matthias, bless his heart, would be worried for me but wouldn't necessarily know how to handle my grief.

Ugh, it's high school. Who would most likely be part of the popular clique? 
Blair (Gossip Girl) or Scarlett (Sisters Red)

Blair! Literally the perfect choice for this question. She already is the Queen of the social scene.

The day has arrived; you're finally a year older! Who would have the nerve to forget your birthday?
Hook (Once Upon A Time) or Inej (Six of Crows duology)

Hmmm, I don't know. I think both of these characters would remember - for different reasons, in their own way - but......I'll go with Inej. She might be too busy fighting and helping the dregs to remember. But obviously I'd forgive her, because we'd be best friends.

You've just found an upcoming YouTube star! Whom is it more likely to be? 
Emma (Once Upon A Time) or Tony (Iron Man)

Definitely Tony. The guy thrives as the centre of attention. I can't see Emma doing that.

Sleepover time! Unfortunately, you can only invite one person. Who would it be? 
Thea (Arrow) or Lucien (ACOTAR trilogy)

Thea. Lucien is a darling and I love him, but Thea's definitely sleep-over material. We'd have such an awesome time.

Bam, you're pregnant. Who's the father/mother? 
Loki (Thor) or Dorian (Throne of Glass series)

Oh gosh. How do I choose?!!?? I love them both so much and LET'S BE SERIOUS IT'S TOM FREAKIN' HIDDLESTON.

But I think Dorian would be the better dad. Loki might, uh, you know......kill the kid. Or trade him to win Asgard or something.

You've just written a super important text. Who would see it and not reply? 
Tinkerbell (Peter Pan) or Starr (The Hate U Give)

Tinkerbell. She's far too self-absorbed to care about others, lol.

You've just woken up, and it's time for breakfast. Your mom's been replaced by.....whom?
Pepper (Iron Man) or Celestine (Flawed duology)

Hmmm, I'll go with Celestine. I've always seen her as more of a friend than a mom, but she would be an awesome mom too. I can't see Pepper as a parent.

I tag.....

- Tanya @ Girl Plus Books 

- Emily @ Paperback Princess 

- Greg @ Greg's Book Haven  

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! 

If you'd like to join the tag, please go ahead, and let me know when you post so I can come see your answers :)  


  1. What a fun tag! LOL at Tony Stark as a YouTube star - I can totally see that!

  2. This seems really cool! Haha. Yeah I can’t see Diana being easy to get away from.

  3. Ahh, I just created a post with this tag too! Haven't posted it yet though. It's so much fun though, right?? I haven't read The Lunar Chronicles, but Thorne does sound like a perfect sidekick! And oh my gosh, you couldn't have gotten a more absolutely perfect answer for the high school popular crowd one, haha.

    1. Oh cool! Looking forward to checking that out :)
      Haha yes, he really is!
      LOL yes!!

  4. This looks like a blast. Thanks for tagging me! Can't wait to do it (I just started my post lol). :):)::)

  5. This looks like so much fun...I may have to steal it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Please do! Can't wait to see your answers :)

  6. Oh gosh! What an awesome TAG. I have a few lined up to do but I like this one! :)

    I'm going to start mine soon!

    1. YAY can't wait to see your answers!! <3