NaNoWriMo novel!

Ah coffee. Isn't this image beautiful? It makes me so happy. 

BUT! There is more to this post than simply staring at that coffee. Because today....... I'm super excited to be introducing you all to my 2017 NaNoWriMo novel! For those of you who don't know, NaNo is a challenge that runs every November where you have to write a novel in a month - amounting to 50,000 words. I participated last year and learnt a lot, so I'm very eager to take part again this year. YAY!! *tries to be enthusiastic*
And I'm also stressing because how is it almost November already? 

Title: Never (most definitely subject to change...) 

Genre: Fairy tale retelling / urban fantasy / horror / adventure / YA 

Synopsis: A story of the girl who would become Tinkerbell. She's pushed out of her old life to save her young brothers, and is forced to venture into the twisted horrors of Neverland to face not only her fears, but the nightmares of her past. And the ones of those around her. 

(I'm hyper aware of how much information I share publicly, so that's just the gist of the story. And yes, my heroine doesn't actually have a name yet. For now I'm just calling her by her nickname: Tink). 

(Images and quotes from Pinterest) 

NaNo plan: For the last two months, I've been handwriting the first draft of this book. So for NaNo I'll be typing a second draft onto my PC. I'm kinda nervous, since I'll constantly be looking down at my paper then up at the screen, and I'm especially nervous because looking at a screen too long already makes me nauseous; looking up and down is gonna make it worse. 
But I have to do this! I'm not going to allow myself to fail. (I'll also be praying a hang of a lot and drinking too much coffee). 

Progress updates: Once a week I'll be sharing an excerpt from the book on Twitter, Instagram, and as part of my Weekly Round-Up on the blog. 

Anyone else participating in NaNo this year?! What's your novel about? 

And does mine sound like something you'd enjoy reading? Any name suggestions for my girl?! 

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