The Blog Squad: Part 26

We are a group of three book bloggers situated on different continents but brought together by our love for books and a penchant for talking about them. We’ve joined our forces to create a collaborative series of posts about book blogging and we hope you’ll enjoy the discussions. 


I'm a Book Blogger - Where can I get prizes for giveaways? 

Book bloggers have a range of options when it comes to prizes for Giveaways.

  • Author sponsored - Often authors will be happy to sponsor giveaways of their books just to get word out there!
  • Blog tours - If you participate in blog tours or blitzes there are often giveaways being held that are done by the tour company! All you have to do is participate and post the script.
  • Your own books - you can giveaway copies of books that you personally own
  • Gift Certificates/Vouchers - Amazon and Book Depository are very popular choices for certificates or vouchers since they ship to so many places and therefore giveaways can be done internationally. Winners can also opt for eBooks!

One of the main issues for giveaways will be shipping and whether or not to host the giveaway internationally. As a blogger that IS NOT from the USA I always find it hard to participate in physical giveaways because more often than not they won’t ship internationally and I totally understand! Shipping is EXPENSIVE!

There are so many resources from where book bloggers can get prizes to use in giveaways! Like my Squad girls point out, one of the most common resource is having authors sponsor giveaways. I’ve hosted quite a few author sponsored giveaways and it’s a great way for vloggers to get started with holding giveaways. All you’re doing is hosting the giveaway and the author takes care of everything else. Same goes for publishers sponsoring giveaways!

The bestest way is though, to giveaway your own books. The best thing is you control many aspects and it’s probably a book you really liked. The biggest problem with this though, is shipping. International shipping is just crazy because of which many bloggers conduct country specific giveaways.

Gift vouchers are another great way of going about with it. I must point out here that this has it’s cons too. I’d love to giveaway a gift voucher of Book Depository but I live in India and while BD has “free international shipping” apparently, India is among those countries not in the list, which sucks for me guys!

Have you ever hosted a giveaway? 

I think that the most popular way to host a giveaway is to use Rafflecopter. It’s random, it’s easy and it’s cloud based!

I’ve hosted a few giveaways but mostly from blog tours that I’ve participated in. I’ve also hosted my own giveaway of an ebook that I reviewed where the author gave me a copy for a winner. That copy was won by my squad collaborator Uma!

Another popular way to do giveaways is on Instagram and it’s normally a follow/mention/tag/repost sort of system. I haven’t hosted any of these myself nor have I won any (yet!).

Giveaways are a great way to get people participating and involved on your site/social media and they are also a great way to give back.

Rafflecopter is pretty much the easiest way to hold giveaways. It has all your information in a cloud and is quite effective with getting together all entries and picking random winners. I love how it can be used by people who know literally nothing about coding and stuff. They create a HTML code for your giveaway widget that can be used to share it on your blog!

I’ve held one giveaway that was sponsored by my good friend and author Emma Hamm. The prize was won by a fellow blogger Stefanie. Sending the prize to the winner was totally taken care of by the author and it was fun to hold a giveaway for a book I love!

I’ve also hosted a couple giveaways as part of blog tours and such which was also really fun to do!

Have you ever won a giveaway?

I have actually been lucky enough to win a couple of giveaways! Mostly it’s for ebooks (there’s that international shipping thing again!) and they are either sent by email or downloaded online, but recently I won an awesome swag pack from The Last Magician blog tour!!! It was posted to me in a regular envelope and I was SUPER THRILLED to open my mail that day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve won a sum total of ONE giveaway so far! It was a giveaway for an ebook “Spells & Sorcery” that my fellow squad member Di hosted! It was pretty awesome to win it!

I really wish I’d win more giveaways though ‘cause comon guys, who doesn't like to get free bookish stuff?

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  1. Guys, so informative post. Thank you for sharing. I haven't hosted any giveaways. I did get some offers by authors to host the giveaways but I didn't know how to choose the winners and had no any clue about rafflecopter and at that time, so I declined. I was afraid I'd make mistake. 🙈

    I'm planning to host one on my blogoversary in December and I've been thinking about the prizes. I think I'm gonna give away BD or Amazon GC instead of paper books or ebooks. They're way easier. Hehe.. Do you guys have any advice? Which one is better, BD or Amazon GC? 😁

    1. So glad it was helpful, Geybie!
      Yeah I was the same, but Rafflecopter is actually super easy. You soon get the hang of it.

      That's exciting! I'd recommend BD :) I think you get more for your money there.

  2. Thanks for the great info, ladies! I still haven't hosted a giveaway, but this gives me a bit more confidence!

  3. I just won my first giveaway and i’m very excited about it! I love Twitter giveaways because I feel like they’re easy and simple.

      Yeah true :)