Weekly Round-Up: Reading and switching to Disqus

It's been a good week. School was actually bearable, I managed to get reviews up on my blog, and I had calamari and chips two nights in a row. There's this amazing fish and chips place near us, and getting from them is always an incredible treat. Their chips and calamari is TO DIE FOR. 

Posts of the week: 
Book Review: FINAL GIRLS


Yes, I'm still reading The City of Brass! It's not improving :( 
I've also started Into the Water, and although it didn't initially win me over, I'm loving it now. 

Melissa talks writing Backstory for your Characters 

Lauren reviews Spindle Fire

Aneta shares her blog tour post for The Midnight Dance

Kyra reviews Ink and Bone

Shane reviews Remember Me Always

The two got married in a private wedding ceremony on the island of Ibiza, and I'm so happy for them.  Let's hope it lasts - Hollywood doesn't need more heartbreak :( 

Jessica Chastain, Margot Robbie, Laura Dern, Reese Witherspoon, Tessa Thompson, Jennifer Lawrence and more were the leading ladies of ELLE 2017. They shared their stories of sexual assault in the film industry, passionately spoke up for women's rights, equality, and minorities, and demanded change.    

Check out Margot Robbie and Sebastian Stan who're both starring.   

Quick bit of news: I'm not going to be participating in the Waiting on Wednesday meme for a few months. As much as I love participating, Wednesday is the busiest day of the week for me and I often don't have time to check out everyone else's posts. So I'm taking a break.  

I'm finally switching to the Disqus commenting system. It's been a long time coming (like, a few months long) but I think I've made up my mind. The main reason I'm switching is because of the lack of interaction via the default blogger system; when I reply to comments, I'm not actually interacting with people because they don't get notifs for replies, and so it feels almost pointless. There's no conversation happening, which I don't like. Hopefully that'll change now :)  

What's new with you? What are you reading at the moment? Did you have a good week?


  1. Yeah, I keep thinking I ought to do that too. There are times when people insert a question into my comment and I'm always hoping there's an email attached to their comment name but not always.

  2. Thanks for sharing my post! I think it’s a great idea to switch to Disqus. Like you said, there’s a lot more interaction that way. I love receiving notifications for when someone reply’s to my comment.

  3. Yaaaaassssss! I can't wait for you to switch to Disqus! I keep forgetting to check back to everyone's blogs for replies so often only catch up when there's either something like disqus, emails come to notify me of a response OR the user likes my post on WP.

    I also like the 'entertainment news' section!

    Will catch up tomorrow and chat some more and will be around your blog to leave some more comment love.... But kinda want to wait until Disqus is in! 😉

  4. Glad you're liking Into The Water so far - looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

  5. Sadly this will be my last comment on your blog as I refuse to let a third party like DISQUS take over my blog and 'do things on my behalf'. It's been fun following you but now I must say goodbye and good luck!

  6. Awww, sorry to hear about WoW. It's one of the few memes I've stuck with because I love discovering new books. but I know what you mean. When I was in uni, the day of posting that would suffer was Friday, because everything was always due in Friday, and so Thursday nights were the worst. But I got through it!

    I've always contemplated the switch to Disqus! In the end, I've been too lazy. :D I do love Disque though. Increased interaction is a huge huge plus.

    Have a great week, Amy! =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!