Weekly Round-Up: Reading and watching

I was on holiday this week! That was awesome. But I start school again tomorrow and I'm dreading it :( 

I finished reading I Have No Secrets and Perfect Remains (reviews to come this week) and I finally watched Gone Girl and Wonder Woman! My review of WW will also be up this week, but I won't be reviewing GG.

I'm supposed to be spending October editing my novel in time to write the second draft for NaNo. But I haven't been doing much work on it. I spent Sunday and Monday doing hardcore editing, but since then I've been taking a break. Having handwritten about 5 pages a day for about two months, I'm exhausted.
I'll probably start work on it again tomorrow, though.   

Posts of the week: 
Book Review: HERE AND GONE

I'm finding The City of Brass so disappointing :( But Lost in a Book is enchanting and fun. 

Amazing haul this week! The Language of Thorns is only a sampler, but I'm still super excited to read it. 
I've also been chosen as part of Kim Chance's street team for her debut, Keeper, and so I got an eARC of that. 
And......I got a paperback of When Dimple met Rishi! I'm SO excited. 

I was so naughty, but I literally couldn't resist. They were on special, and the covers......*swoon* 

Mary-Kate introduces her NaNoWriMo novel

Brittany reviews Warcross

Olivia talks NaNoWriMo

I'm sharing news from the last week of September, too, since I didn't include any in my Monthly Wrap-Up. 

They were being interviewed for their latest film, Blade Runner 2049, when things took a turn and left them in absolute hysterics. It's hilarious. 

I cannot WAIT for this movie! It looks amazing, with an A-list cast that includes Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, and Kevin Costner.   

I'm not a Thronie, but like the rest of the female population I'm in love with Kit.  Unfortunately he chose Rose.

They look amazing.  

So sad. The man was an icon. He suffered a heart attack, was rushed to hospital, and died almost immediately. 

It looks.....strange. But Natalie Portman will be excellent, I'm sure.  

How was your week? What are you currently reading?