Monthly Wrap-Up: October - November

Guys I legit cannot remember what happened in October. I vaguely recall not editing or writing my book, not sleeping well, not being very productive, and now I'm completely stressed because it's almost November and that means December's coming up and I have to go on this camp in December and heck I'm terrified and want to cry and I still haven't made much progress on applying for a job and getting together a CV which I was supposed to do and these worries are sagging over my head ALL THE FREAKING TIME and I feel so drained and apprehensive and I literally don't know where my life is going or how I'll ever pass exams and stuff because school is tearing me down and I keep feeling like I'm not doing as well as I should be and going out to social occasions is crushing me because I get so sickeningly scared and shy and I'm panicking about everything

I am literally hyperventilating as I write this, and I am so sorry because I seriously do not know where that rant came from. It just came. But writing it all out does help a bit, actually. It just doesn't make the problems go away.

(And kudos to me for the longest sentence in history).

Best wrap-up ever, right.

Posts of the month (excluding reviews and weekly round-ups): 
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Introducing my NaNoWriMo novel!

HERE AND GONE - by Haylen Beck

EYES LIKE MINE - Sheena Kamal

I HAVE NO SECRETS - Penny Joelson


CRESS - Marissa Meyer


FINAL GIRLS - Riley Sager

INTO THE WATER - Paula Hawkins

THE CITY OF BRASS - S.A. Chakraborty 

Keeping with the Halloween mood, I ended up ending far too many terrifying, spooky thrillers which I'm positive have distorted my mind. So I'm taking a break from thrillers for a while - too much darkness. 

I read so many good books this month. My favourites were Here and Gone, Into the Water, and Cress

(mini reviews) 

My favourite film of the month was definitely Wonder Woman. I was a bit disappointed by it, but overall it was so much fun and so empowering. 

I'm not planning to read a lot this month because of NaNo, but I'm hoping to get to these three at least.

I'm also participating in NaNoWriMo this month and typing the second draft of my WIP as my project. I'm kinda nervous, because my cousin's coming to visit for 2 weeks (WHICH I'M ALSO SO EXCITED ABOUT) and I have a lot of school to do, but hopefully I'll still find time to write.

How has your October been? What was your favourite book of the month? Are you also doing NaNo? 

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