The Blog Squad: Part 29

We are a group of three book bloggers situated on different continents but brought together by our love for books and a penchant for talking about them. We’ve joined our forces to create a collaborative series of posts about book blogging and we hope you’ll enjoy the discussions. 


Would you read a book that no/few reviews? 

Absolutely - it’s difficult for indie authors to get readers and to get those first few reviews in! I’ll especially pick up the book if it’s an author that I know and I am interested in the author/plot/premise/all of the above.

I’m pretty sure I’ve read many books that had few reviews of Goodreads and I think I’ve read books with no reviews on Goodreads at least 2 times. I think this was mostly when I first started my book blog. Even now, I’m definitely not against reading books with few reviews but now that I’m drowning in review copies and ARCs, I don’t have a choice but to prioritize the order in which I read books. But if i come across a book that has few reviews but a very intriguing premise, I would definitely pick it up!

Do book covers matter?

As readers I think we can all be a bit superficial when it comes to book covers! I love pretty books! So if it’s an author I don’t know, a book I haven’t heard of before or if I'm browsing the library/bookstore - YES, the cover definitely matters because that’s what I see first and what first draws me to pick up the book and check out what it’s about. But that being said, if it’s a known author or something that’s being buzzed about then the cover doesn’t make a difference to me. For example there was a HUGE uproar about the latest Throne of Glass book cover, but honestly? It could have been plain black and only had the title and Sarah J Maas written on it and I would have bought it and read it and definitely loved it. The content matters the most.

I’d like to say they definitely don’t but they kind of do! I don’t judge a book by it’s cover per se. A ‘meh’ cover won’t stop me from picking up a book with a great premise. But I admit I have made quite a few cover buys. What I’m trying to say is, when I’m at a bookstore to pick up a new read and can’t afford the time to look through every book, I’m going to be picking up the books that catch my eye. If I read the back cover and decide it is definitely not for me, I put it back in the shelves; but my point is, it’s the eye catching covers I’m going to be picking up in the first place unless I’m there looking for a particular book. And I think this is true for many people but it’s sort of a thing we don’t generally admit out loud!

Do series covers matter?

I like my series covers to match! I like to have the same series of pictures throughout, and for this reason I don’t like buying physical books until they’ve all been published. I mean, what if I owned the first three Game of Thrones covers all in their original edition covers and then I had to go and get the next one in a different cover set? I would be sad. It’s for this reason that I just prefer box sets. I’m just OCD like that.

Not really. I mean it’s nice when covers match and I can take beautiful pictures for my bookstagram BUT the world won’t end if my covers don’t match. And there are more important things. For example, recently Sabaa Tahir worked with the publishers to change the covers of her Ember series. The previous covers were gorgeous but Tahir wanted to showcase the diversity within her book on the cover but having the faces of people of color on it. While I love the old covers and am not a huge fan of real people on covers, I have NO complaint. Diversity and representation is far more important that the aesthetics of my bookstagram posts. I’m going to buy the new editions because I want to support her decision and the need for representation in books and yes, even the book covers. As a brown girl myself, it is empowering to see a brown girl on the cover of a book I love so much <3

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