Weekly Round-Up: NaNo stress and stress in general

It has been one chaotic, stressful, exhausting week. On Tuesday night I started feeling sick, and then spent most of the night vomiting and feverish. I slept for most of Wednesday, still feeling terrible, and barely got out of bed at all during the day.  On Thursday I felt a bit better, so I tried to do school, but then had a breakdown because I was stressing about all the NaNo time I'd missed and the school I had to catch up on, and it was horrible. 
I slept most of Friday morning. When I woke up I managed to get some school done, and then went to sleep over with my cousin (who's down in Cape Town for a surgery she had on Tuesday).  

I'm still feeling thrown from everything had happened, but I hope I'll be able to get a lot done this coming week. I seriously need to catch up!  

Posts of the week: 


I feel like I can't judge this book for itself, since I watched the movie first. But that aside, I am enjoying it so far. 

I am so excited to read this book! I luuuuuuuvvv me some girl power ;) 

I can't wait to start buddy-reading this beauty with my #squad :) 


I'm on track with my word count, but I'm struggling to like what I'm writing :( 
But here's a teaser from the novel, anyway: 

Huge apologies for this tiny list! I had to do this post in a rush because everything's been so busy, and I'm really behind on blog hopping. Thus there's also no Entertainment section this week because I haven't had the time to salvage for news. 

What was your week like? How's your NaNo writing going? What are you reading at the moment? 

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