Weekly Round-Up: Reading and writing

It's a very short round-up today because I'm in a rush, so sorry about that! I have to go out this evening :(

Anyway. I've been writing a lot this week and I've spent a lot of time doing school and studying. But next week I've only got a few school things to finish up and sort, and then I'll be done for the term. YAY! 

You also may have noticed I've had a partial blog makeover ;) I added another sidebar (which I desperately needed) and changed a few things with my header as well. Please let me know what you think! 

Posts of the week:

I am loving Nevermoor. It's such a beautiful, magical story. 

They've been dating for a whole year, which in Hollywood terms is a long time.

Law will be starring opposite Brie Larson, who plays the title character in the movie that's scheduled for release in 2019. I am so excited to see these two in their roles!! 

So I hit 50k for NaNo on the 24th, and now I'm just rushing to get the story finished by the end of November. Whoop!! 

Happy holidays for some of you! Hope you had a good week? What are you reading and watching at the moment? 

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