Favourite Movies of 2017

Last year I participated in the End of Year Survey over at The Perpetual Pageturner, but I didn't feel like repeating it this year. So I've sort of split it up into three parts: Favourite Books of 2017, Favourite Movies of 2917, and 2017 Bookish & Blogging Life. Over the next few days, those posts will be going up.

And today, we start with movies! (I love movies. And even though most of these came out in 2016, I only watched them in 2017 so YES THEY COUNT).

I watched 38 movies in 2017.
Favourite review: Miss. Sloane

In no particular order


Arrival // Review // Peoples this movie. I have no words. Amy should have DARN WELL AT LEAST BEEN NOMINATED FOR AN OSCAR I MEAN WHAT A SNUB. She was incredible in this heartbreaking, quiet but powerful film about relationships and choices. I was sobbing my guts out at the end, and was literally left shaking from the twist. 

Miss. Sloane // Review // This is probably the most underrated film of 2016 (yeah, I watched it late. It still makes this list though). Jessica's delivers an Oscar worthy performance of a complicated and irresistibly damaged heroine, and the story gripped me from start to finish. It's one hell of a ride, and one oozing with girl power.  

La La Land // Review // "Oh city of stars are you shining for me?" Guys this movie shone, and more. Emma and Ryan were pure magic on screen, and the story was inspiring, heartbreaking, and gorgeous. It's a stunning cinematic experience. 

The Magnificent Seven // Review // Despite a ton of negative critic reviews, I actually enjoyed this film. I loved the action and Haley Bennett's character, and I even cried at the end. I thought it was a good Western.

Wonder Woman // Review //  To say I absolutely loved this movie would be a lie. It disappointed me in some aspects. But overall, I just loved the empowering female message and Diana and Steve's relationship. Oh! and the Amazon ladies kicking butt on the beach brought me to tears. It was that brilliant. #girlpower

Hidden Figures // Review // YAS FOR BLACK WOMEN POWER. This movie is everything. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, and I fell in love. This is an amazing, beautiful, intelligent story about three unsung heroines who deserve more recognition.     

Hope you enjoyed reading through this post! What were your favourite movies of 2017? 

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